PETIFE, Automated Food and Water Dispenser, Will Soon Launch a Campaign Through Indiegogo

PETIFE will soon launch a campaign through Kickstarter. Automated food and water dispenser, PETIFE, will create a comfortable and pleasant environment for the pet and also for the pet owner.

Often away from home? Always worried about leaving the pet behind? Wondering whether the furbaby has enough food and water when away from home? These are some of the concerns everyone encounters when pets are left behind at home. With PETIFE, pet owners may now monitor their pets and even dispense food and water. Monitor at all times to relieve the concerns. 

PETIFE is a “smart” food & water dispenser. PETIFE allows pet owners to check the status of their pet and distribute food & water through an app. Additionally, services such as pet diaries, management and statistics of food and water, and monitoring and chatting with pets are also available.

PETIFE is made in a simple and easy design that would be a perfect fit for any home. It has an easy set up so that everyone can conveniently use PETIFE. In case of an accident that may happen to the pets, PETIFE has installed a high-quality camera to the food & water dispenser. The camera's angle of view is fixed at 150 degrees. The quality of the images is 720P (1280X720); images can be monitored clearly at the level of 25 frames. The feeding system uses a gear motor, and the water supply is controlled by the water valve. The food and water level sensor will prevent overflow when dispensing.

PETIFE will launch on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter approximately on oct. 13, 2020. The launch strategy was chosen to test the product demand globally due to the increased rate of pet ownership worldwide. The expected MSRP is currently set at $230 USD. Now on the campaign page, the early-bird backers can get a reward with a 43% discount.  

Creation of PETIFE

Many often leave home due to work, business trips, and vacation. Therefore, pets spend more time alone at home. As pets spend a longer time by themselves, problems such as depression, separation anxiety, and obesity may occur.

Pet owners may now finish all the errands without worrying about their pets being home alone. PETIFE allows consistent monitoring of their pet and even dispense food & water automatically.

Although pet owners may not spend time with their pets 24/7, PETIFE will show their unconditional love for their pets, even when they aren’t physically with them. Take care of a pet with undivided attention with PETIFE.

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