Announces Cosmetology Degree Assistance Program

Partners in Education & Tuition Assistance Programs provides degree assistance program for hair stylists and barbers.

Partners in Education & Tuition Assistance Programs (PETAP) announces its program to help aspiring hair stylists and barbers find the best degree programs to meet their needs. PETAP specializes in connecting students with the best resources for obtaining a degree in their particular area. For cosmetologists, PETAP provides the best local beauty schools to equip a student with the skills necessary to succeed in the field.

Cosmetology is more than cutting and styling hair. A successful hair stylist has a natural ability to interact with others. This ability helps the stylist draw in new clients and retain them.

But, even more importantly, a successful hair stylist is an entrepreneur. Building and nurturing a business requires the ability to market and manage day-to-day operations. Through the right degree program, a cosmetology student will learn how to get the word out about his or her business to potential clients. This can include using traditional marketing methods as well as modern-day methods such as social media and mobile couponing services like Groupon.

In addition to marketing, a cosmetology program will emphasize methods to retain clientele, including understand price points and how to handle the occasional need to increase prices slightly. Your degree program will help you learn how to transition your current clients in order to minimize the impact of those changes.

Since many cosmetologists are now running their own salons and branching out into spa ownership, PETAP aims to assist aspiring students find a program that will help them learn how to manage a spa. Business management requires a completely different skill set from other aspects of cosmetology work, and PETAP caters its program to connecting students with a cosmetology degree program that emphasizes these growing areas.

Since part of running a successful salon today is selling products, PETAP also connects aspirants with a school that helps students learn how to merchandise a salon in the most effective manner. In a PETAP-recommended cosmetology education program, students will learn techniques to promote professional products to their clients without alienating them.

PETAP can also connect cosmetology students with a school that teaches a wide array of salon techniques. Since most hair stylists and barbers do more than simply cut hair, PETAP searches for schools in your area that teach advanced coloring techniques, including using organic products, foil highlighting, and working with specific products like Aveda.

Makeup artistry is another area PETAP targets as important for today's cosmetologists to know. While many hair stylists will rarely be called upon to create a makeover for a client, this skill is an important part of being a licensed cosmetologist. PETAP puts students in touch with schools that incorporate makeup artistry into the curriculum, preparing the future stylist for any opportunity that might come up along the way on his or her career path.

PETAP not only provides information about colleges in specific geograph regions, it also partners with local institutions of higher education to provide financial assistance and lines of credit to applicants who qualify. This evens the playing field for prospective students, taking away the financial barrier and allowing students of any economic background to pursue a challenging, rewarding career.