Pet Store Retail Ordinances Gain Momentum in Colorado

City by city, Harley's Dream is working with Colorado communities to say NO to puppy mills!

Harley Billboard in Berthoud, CO

 ​​​​​​​​​It started this summer in Berthoud, CO when Harley’s Dream proposed an ordinance to the town council, banning the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores. The ordinance, with the overwhelming support of Berthoud Mayor William Karspeck, was unanimously passed.

With the precedent set, similar ordinances have been proposed and passed this year by lawyer and Harley’s Hero, Joyce Cohen – in Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, and Eagle CO with the support of Harley’s Dream, as well as from the Humane Society of the United States - Colorado. All of these communities joined the more than 300+ jurisdictions across the country who have successfully passed this humane ordinance, emphatically saying no to puppy mills. Although none of these Colorado communities had pet stores that sold dogs or cats, they have taken proactive steps to ensure their communities remain humane in the future. And the Colorado momentum continues as there are more ordinances in progress.

City by city, this effort is paving the way for a state-wide law. The "Puppy Mill Bill" is legislation that would ban the retail sales of puppies and kittens in pet stores throughout Colorado. The bill, which will be introduced in early 2020, will be sponsored by State Representative Monica Duran with the support of animal advocate, First Gentleman Marlon Reis.

A majority of puppies sold in pet stores are born in commercial breeding facilities, also known as puppy mills. These mills are commonly inhumane, overcrowded and unsanitary. Puppies and kittens born in mills do not receive adequate veterinary care, exercise, socialization or human contact. The parent dogs exist in these environments while their puppies get wholesaled out to the unsuspecting public via pet stores across the country.

According to Rudi Taylor, founder of Harley’s Dream, “We hope that other jurisdictions continue to follow Berthoud’s lead and adopt this humane ordinance. There is no downside. The ordinance doesn’t impact responsible breeders, and the vast majority of pet supply stores have already shunned the cruel pet wholesaling industries, no longer selling dogs and cats. Instead, these businesses have adopted a successful and humane business model, selling only pet supplies and services and helping shelters and rescue organizations with adoptions of animals in need. It’s a win for the communities, for businesses, and most especially, for our canine companions who deserve better than life in a cage. We believe that if the public knew the truth about where pet store puppies come from, pet stores selling puppies sourced from puppy mills would no longer exist. There is growing momentum in Colorado communities and across the country as the public becomes aware of the pet store/puppy mill connection. The general public is proving they support measures to ensure the humane treatment of our companion animals.”

About Harley
Harley was a one-eyed Chihuahua who spent his first 10 years living in a cage in a puppy mill. His sole purpose was to produce puppies to be sold in pet stores.  Harley's eye was lost because his cage was cleaned with a power-washer, with him in it. After being rescued, Harley began his triumphant journey. His efforts as a "spokes-dog" against puppy mills earned him the top honor as American Humane's "Hero Dog of the Year." Harley had been on the Today Show, HuffpostLIVE, Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show and numerous news segments. He also had the opportunity to testify during a congressional caucus on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  Sadly, Harley passed away in March 2016, but his legacy lives on ... his mission will continue until puppy mills no longer exist. Harley inspired so many people to do great things, and he continues to be the face and voice for the hundreds of thousands of dogs suffering in puppy mills today.

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About Harley's Dream

It is estimated that 80% of all Americans own at least one dog and we believe that if all these people knew the truth about puppy mills, puppy mills would no longer exist. How do we accomplish this? Awareness, education and advocacy.

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