Pet Life Shifting Half Its Production to the United States

Bringing back jobs to the hard working Americans.

Pet Life dry dog food

Pet Life, a privately held New Jersey manufacturer, announced that they are shifting their dog food production to the USA. These categories also included dog treats, supplements and consumables. Pet Life is launching the first online, private label dog and cat food by leveraging their relationships with local farmers and raw food manufacturers across the country.

Pet Life intends to shift their production of all pet supplies to be locally sourced and made in America. In a tell-all, the current CEO of Pet Life Joseph Braha stated that “We want to bring back jobs to the hard-working Americans.” He continues “While we aren’t able to switch our entire production to American soil, we believe this is a great start.” Pet Life will continue their other half of production overseas.

The current economic climates in Asia, along with the Trump administration’s latest round of tariffs on Chinese imports, are causing large companies to seek other manufacturing alternatives outside of hard goods, such as dog beds and dog harnesses. Pet Life is one of the few that has already taken the initiative to start producing their products locally to offset the cost of importing.

So, what’s in store for the future of Pet Life?

Pet Life spokesperson Abie Chera stated: “We are looking to expand our products into other categories, which include fish, reptiles and small animals.” He continues, “We are also continuing to diversify our current offerings in the dog and cat markets.”  

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About Pet Life: Pet Life launched in NYC in 2007 with a dream of becoming a leader in the pet fashion industry. With that in mind, Pet Life launched their first collection in 2008 with dog shoes, fashion-forward pet carriers, and dog jackets. They offer premium quality pet products at affordable price points.

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