Pet Expert Kristen Levine Lends Tips to Ensure Pet Health During 'National Pet Month' With TipsonTV Blog

Perfect Products to Help Spoil and Care for Pets During National Pet Month

Kristen Levine on National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month, which is a great way to acknowledge the many benefits pets have on the lives of humans. Best known as the Wizard of Paws, pet living expert Kristen Levine offers timely tips and products to ensure pets receive the most optimal care possible. Kristen is also the founder and publisher of the ‘Pet Living Blog.’


Most enjoy giving pets treats; however, it is crucial to make sure they are healthy. A healthy pet starts with quality foods. This is where ACANA Singles Dog Treats come in handy. They are perfect for all dogs – including choosy eaters or dogs with food sensitivities. ACANA Singles Dog Treats are Limited Ingredient and Biologically Appropriate. They are made with quality animal ingredients that get delivered raw to their own kitchen, and then they gently freeze-dry them using state-of-the-art techniques. They are loaded with goodness and full of natural flavor that every dog will love. For more information visit


Grooming not only keeps furry friends looking their best, but it is also essential for the health of their coat and skin. The Waterpik Pet Wand PRO allows for simple and quick grooming. It is known for the contoured shape of its high pressure WaterComb Spray that penetrates even the thickest of fur, rinsing away dirt and shampoo that other methods miss. The WaterComb Spray is great for deep cleaning of the back and legs, and the narrow spray allows for gentle cleaning of hard to reach spots and sensitive areas like the ears and eyes.  The shower can be used both indoors and outdoors; just install the diverter to your existing showerhead or the adapter to a garden hose for easy outdoor bathing. It costs less than $40 and is available at Walmart. For more information visit


It is important to take pets to the vet for regular checkups. Like people, pets age and can get arthritis. There is an amazing new product that can help. ElleVet Sciences hemp CBD chews and oils are the only CBD products to have gone through a clinical trial at Cornell Vet School on dogs with arthritis and endorsed by some of the best vets across the U.S. Over 85% of dogs on ElleVet show significant or dramatic improvement. No other CBD company has done a clinical trial, safety study, and metabolic testing so every dog is ensured to get the right dose and the best possible CBD product. Dogs trust owners, and vets trust ElleVet. For more information visit


It is important to make sure pets are comfortable. Purple mattresses are known for the superior comfort they provide humans for the best night’s rest. Fortunately, they have translated that technology into sizes that work perfectly for furry family members who can now rest easily, too. Purple’s very own Smart Comfort Grid allows airflow, so dogs stay cool during the hot summer months. It is gentle on dogs’ joints while also supporting the body. Dogs can chase squirrels in dreams happily, and still wake up well-rested.  The Purple pet bed is also odor and accident resistant thanks to its ultra-durable, machine-washable protector, which means it will last without making homes smell like a doghouse. For more information visit


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