Pet Cremation And Personalized Euthanasia Services In Dallas and Fort Worth Help Owners Find Comfort offers pet cremation services to the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas area, featuring in-home euthanasia and pick-up services for transport to the crematory.

Most pet owners care for their animals like they are beloved family members or friends. Statistics reveal that in 2010, 62% of households in the United States had pets, and collectively spent $45 billion on their little furry companions. Many pet owners who love their pets continue to care for their animals even when pass away. According to studies, over 50% of pet owners opt for private cremation over mass cremation.

To address the increasing need for pet cremation services, many players have become part of the pet cremation industry. While there are a vast number of companies that can offer services geared specifically to grieving pet owners, it pays to be very careful about choosing the right specialist for the pet memorial.

North Texas Pet Crematory is dedicated to making the process as easy as possible for pet owners and their family during the difficult time. Detailed at, the company offers pet hospice services and pet cremation in Fort Worth and Dallas packages that are tailor-fit to the different needs during the final moments with a beloved pet.

Jennifer Harrison from Dallas, Texas, thanks for its services during the time of grief: "There are just not enough words to describe my thanks to you for taking care of my little Alex and having him safely returned to me. Even though Alex was 15 years old, I still was not prepared and his death was just so sudden. I will gladly recommend you to all the people who will listen. God bless you and your wonderful business."

Making the process even more stress-free for pet owners who are trying to deal with the death of their beloved animal, offers personalized pet cremation services. In-home pet euthanasia is also offered, with professionals from the company coming to the pet owner's home to pick up a pet that has passed and transport it to its crematory. comes with a beautiful chapel for a memorial service. Flowers, music, pictures, the pet's favorite toys can be added during the service; and family members can talk about their memories and special moments with the pet. also offers a wide array of urns, on which the ashes of the beloved pet can be kept in memory of the dear family member.

For reliable pet memorial services in Dallas/Fort Worth, is a must-visit for its pet cremation and in-home pet euthanasia services that will take the hassle out of grieving pet owners.

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