Personal Warning Temperature (PWT) System Provides Screening Solution for COVID-19

As a new tool for fighting COVID-19, Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I-3) has received two patents for its Personal Warning Temperature (PWT) system.  PWT uses daily monitoring to compute a person's unique range of normal body temperature, and flag abnormalities that indicate infections such as COVID-19.  PWT is more accurate than the U.S. Government fever standard of 100.4 °F (38 °C). 

The PWT system uses a website to help users monitor their own temperature measurements, typically taken at home.  With each new entry, the website determines whether the temperature is above normal. A small, abnormal rise in temperature can warn of COVID-19 up to 24 hours before other symptoms appear, and before conventional testing would confirm the infection. 

"PWT gives people the earliest possible warning that they might be infected with COVID-19, or any other illness for that matter," stated Bob Kocher, CEO of I-3.  "Temperature shows when the body is fighting an infection. The U.S. Government standard 'fever temperature' of 100.4 °F, based on data from 150 years ago, is too high for today's population.  Most people can have anomalous temperatures as low as 99 °F.  Quite simply, PWT is a game-changer in the long-term fight against COVID-19."

Modern medicine defines a fever as a temperature elevation above normal, but each person's normal temperature range depends on many factors.  Elevated temperature can predict the onset of COVID-19 infection if defined in this new, more accurate way.  PWT simply helps individuals determine their own personal fever threshold. 

U.S. regulations imply that persons with a temperature less than 100.4 °F cannot transmit disease.  Organizations use this flawed threshold for entry point screening or quarantine/testing policies.  Studies show that 100.4 °F is a faulty standard, and that transmission can occur at lower temperatures. 

"PWT is a long-term approach that can be deployed immediately and cheaply," said Kocher. "As a screening tool, PWT will reduce the need for costly PCR and antigen tests.  The repeal of 100.4 °F as the one-size-fits-all fever standard temperature will save lives and hasten the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.  PWT is ready to be deployed to hundreds of millions of people."

I-3 is an inventions company working primarily with the Department of Defense.  Mr. Kocher is a West Point graduate who served 21 years in the military with 6 years at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), where he gained a reputation as a rapid solution innovator.  Other I-3 efforts include secure access systems, early identification of a person's natural ability through neuroscience, and novel implementations for biometrics.

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Source: Ideal Innovations, Inc.