Personal Organizing App The Scuttle Launches Premium Subscription Service

New features like unlimited Scuttleboards, bulk photo upload, a "Who To Know" contacts section and background customization options make it even easier for users to get and stay organized.

The Scuttle, a personal organizing app

The Scuttle today announced the launch of a premium version of the personal organizing app. The Scuttle Premium includes current users' most requested features and provides an upgrade to the overall user experience.

Launched in early 2021, The Scuttle gives users an easy and fun way to organize their personal life.

"With 3 kids running in 12 directions across Manhattan, I needed the ultimate modern day Trapper Keeper," said Martha Moore Farrell, co-founder of The Scuttle. "Nothing in the app world felt like what Elizabeth and I wanted - a home base of information, with beautiful boxes of info that were easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. That's why we created The Scuttle."

Users create Scuttleboards to organize and categorize information for everything from birthday parties to travel plans to home maintenance. Within each Scuttleboard, users can jot down notes, create to-do lists, upload photos and important files, invite others to collaborate, participate in group chats, save dates and sync calendars.

With The Scuttle's premium version, users now have the ability to:

  • Create an unlimited number of Scuttleboards
  • Use images from their personal photo library to customize backgrounds
  • Store and upload existing contacts in the "Who to Know" contacts section
  • Copy and duplicate information across Scuttleboards
  • Easily archive Scuttleboards, and bring them back when needed
  • Upload multiple photos from their Photo Library at the same time
  • Upload videos from their Video Library (30 sec clips)
  • Use the advanced checklist feature (coming soon)

"While we will always offer a free version of The Scuttle, the subscription model allows us to continuously innovate and bring popular features to life for some of our most active users," said Elizabeth Moore, co-Founder of The Scuttle. "These upgrades move us even closer to our vision of making organizing your personal life easy and fun."

The Scuttle's premium subscription will be available starting on Thursday, July 1st. Users have the option of a monthly $1.99 subscription or a yearly subscription for $19.99.

About The Scuttle:

Created by sisters, Martha Moore Farrell and Elizabeth Moore, The Scuttle is a free mobile app that takes the stress out of organizing everyone's personal life. From vacation itineraries, immunization charts, home renovation notes and photos, camp lists, committee meeting notes, Thanksgiving assignments, birthday party plans and babysitter emergency information, The Scuttle is there to help users jot down info quickly and find it even faster. With over 3,000 downloads since its launch in April 2021, 97% of users said they would recommend The Scuttle to a friend. For the latest news and updates, follow us on Instagram @TheScuttleApp.


Source: The Scuttle


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