Personal Mastery Martial Arts Celebrates 18 Years of Martial Arts and Leadership Skills Training

Personal Mastery Martial Arts celebrates their 18 year anniversary with their annual potluck / pool party. Since 1996 they have been working with the community through their extensive martial arts and personal protection programs.

This month Personal Mastery Martial Arts (PMMA) in Sandy, Utah is celebrating their 18th year of being in business. For the past 18 years they have been teaching martial arts classes for children and adults. To celebrate their 18th birthday PMMA held a potluck / pool party last Saturday in Sandy for all of their students, friends, and family. Every year PMMA hosts this pool party for their students as a way of saying thank you, and as always everyone who came had a great time. One parent said, “Thank you PMMA for a great pool party. We had a blast!”

Since opening in 1996, Personal Mastery Martial Arts has also begun teaching krav maga, cardio kickboxing, and tactical self defense classes in addition to their martial arts curriculum. They have spent hours on community service projects in Sandy City and have raised thousands of dollars for the prevention and treatment of child abuse in the community as well as thousands of dollars in toys for children at Christmas-time every year. Personal Mastery Martial Arts has offered many community workshops on Anti-Bullying, men and women’s self defense courses, and other personal protection programs for kids and families. They have also worked with local schools and day-cares through their Karate Respect Enrichment programs and free in-school workshops on topics like Goal Setting for Good Grades and the ABC’s of Success. And these are just a few of their many accomplishments and contributions over the past 18 years.

Here is what just a few students and parents have had to say about their experience at Personal Mastery Martial Arts over the years:

Rob Bryant – “Our daughters (7 and 9) have attended Personal Mastery Martial Arts for 12 months. They love the supportive class atmosphere, and we like the dramatic improvements we have seen in their coordination, strength, and concentration.”

Callie Adamson – “Personal Mastery Martial Arts is amazing! They have an awesome facility and fabulous instructors. Love the experience that my son is getting. Martial Arts has helped give my son so much confidence and discipline!”

Christine Cox – “We love PMMA! My granddaughter just wanted to ‘try’ it for a few months last year to see if it was something she liked. At the end of six months, she was so excited to continue on and earn her black belt and beyond. My favorite part is watching her grow and develop plus learn new things not only about martial arts, but life skills. After one super Saturday learning how to care for their bodies, she insisted on having only ‘healthy’ food in her lunch and started substituting water for soda! That's great for a 12-year old! I love the fact that she works weekly on chores, respect, school assignments, and volunteering to help as part of her requirements for belt promotion. It is definitely more than just martial arts – it is all about improving and developing a well-rounded life style. Thanks PMMA!”

Congratulations PMMA on 18 years – here’s to many more!

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