Personal Injury Lawyer Jeffrey Nadrich Supports California Assembly Bill 1103

Personal injury attorney, Jeffrey Nadrich, supports California Assemblyman Jay Obernolte's efforts to hold Assembly Bill 1103.

Legislators put the brakes on California Assembly Bill 1103 back in May, to the dismay of many bicycle advocates, including Murrieta personal injury attorney, Jeffrey Nadrich. If passed, AB 1103 would have allowed bicyclists throughout California to roll through stop signs instead of having to come to a complete stop each time. Under the proposed bill, stop signs would have been treated as yield signs for cyclists. Bike riders would only be required to stop in order to avoid an accident.

Opponents of the bill included advocates for the blind, law enforcement agencies and automobile organizations.  Opponents worried about the possible confusion and danger which could result by having two separate stop sign regulations, one for motorists and one for bicyclists. Opponents argued that allowing bicyclists to roll through stop signs would lead to more accidents.

Due to many committee meetings and several hurdles, there was no vote by the Assembly Transportation Committee. California Republican Assemblyman, Jay Obernolte, has opted to hold the bill until next year so that he can work with opponents to address their concerns and gather support for the bill.

Support For California AB 1103

Murrieta, California injury lawyer, Jeffrey Nadrich, has represented hundreds of injured cyclists over the last 30 years and was a vocal supporter of AB 1103. Mr. Nadrich notes that "approximately one in five injured cyclists who contact our office is struck by a vehicle while riding through an intersection with stop signs." He believes that AB 1103 would save lives by reducing the number of bicycle accidents.

Supporters of AB 1103 argue that yielding at stop signs is safer for bicyclists because it allows them to quickly move through an intersection. It takes cyclists a while to regain momentum after coming to a complete stop, which can cause an impatient driver not to wait for his or her turn and put a cyclist in danger.

In 1982, the state of Idaho adopted and successfully implemented a similar regulation for bicyclists in its state. It allows cyclists to "roll through" a stop sign. The maneuver is referred to as an "Idaho bike stop." Idaho is currently the only state in the country where a "bike roll" is legal.  In the 35 years since Idaho legalized the rolling bike stop, injuries caused by bike accidents have decreased by 14 percent.

Murrieta Personal injury attorney, Jeffrey Nadrich, supports California Assemblyman Jay Obernolte's efforts to hold Assembly Bill 1103 and bring it back next session. With the increasing number of cyclists on California roadways, passing this bill could prevent many cycling injuries and accidents. If you support Bill 1103 and would like to see it brought back next session, contact your California Assembly member today.

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