Personal Development Legend and the Secret Teacher Bob Proctor Dies at Age 87

Bob Proctor

When W. H. Auden penned the line, "Stop all the clocks," he knew that this moment in time would come for the Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI). On Feb. 3, 2022, PGI Founder Bob Proctor transitioned from this life of natural causes. 

There are only a few moments in time when the whole world stops to mourn the loss of a single soul. Literally millions of people have been touched by this personal development legend, who began his journey in 1961 after being handed the book, Think & Grow Rich. From that beginning, Bob Proctor shifted his own world on its axis. Then, he decided it was time to help a bigger world of people do the same. 

In 1961, fueled by reading Napoleon Hill's masterful book, Bob opened a cleaning company, starting with a single office in his hometown of Toronto. A few years later, he sold that company because he felt called to begin teaching the accelerated success formula he had implemented for himself. By 2021 - 60 years later - Bob Proctor's rich teachings had found their way into every single country around the world. Further, his personal mentoring within the ranks of his own company ensures that, for many years into the future, the Proctor Gallagher Institute will continue the legacy Bob established. 

Renowned for his trademark sentence, "Tell me what you want, and I'll show you how to get it," Bob helped millions of people recognize their spiritual perfection and take back the reins of their inherent power to begin believing, acting in faith and creating the lives of their greatest desires.

The best-selling author of numerous titles, including his first book, You Were Born Rich, Bob Proctor was a prominent teacher in The Secret (2006) and has been featured in many additional films, books, documentaries, and talk shows. His YouTube channel offers hundreds of his videos of warm advice and instruction, reaching more than 1.4 million subscribers around the world.

Bob Proctor was tireless and driven, his only mission in life to reach one individual after another, assuring each and every one that not only could they achieve greatness, but that greatness already lived within them.

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