Perks WW Channel Offers Newest eBook, How to Deliver a Partner-Centric Partner Experience

Perks Worldwide Channel releases a new eBook that outlines the six tenets of a partner experience that increases ROI.

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Perks WW Channel, a premier provider of channel incentive programs that drive business performance, publishes How to Deliver a Partner-Centric Partner Experience, an eBook outlining the fundamentals that establish an improved partner experience and spark partner program engagement.

The popularity of a personalized user experience challenges vendors to offer partners channel engagement programs that focus on the partner’s perspective or risk losing mindshare to the competition. A subpar partner experience is one of the main causes of attrition. To address this demand, Perks WW has developed a downloadable partner experience guide to equip vendors with the necessary tools to combat eroding channel partner engagement.

“The Cloud has transformed the channel landscape. Today partners expect a user experience that recognizes their individuality and mimics the intuitive interfaces they interact with on a daily basis. Partners want incentive programs to offer the same features that they find on social media platforms and their favorite online retailers,” says Chief Strategy Officer Claudio Ayub about the evolution of the partner experience. “Our latest eBook walks you through the process of designing an engagement program that combines strategic communications, recognition of personal preferences and best-in-class technology to create an experience your partners will applaud.”

Anyone wishing to read How to Deliver a Partner-Centric Partner Experience can download a free copy from the Perks Worldwide website.

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Source: Perks Worldwide