Perks WW Channel and SiriusDecisions Cohost Webinar About Channel Marketing Incentive Guidelines

'Killer Channel Marketing Incentive Guidelines and the Strategy Behind Them' will explore critical considerations of promotional allowance programs.

Perks WW Channel

Perks WW Channel, a premier provider of channel incentive programs that drive business performance, announced that they are planning a live webinar for Feb. 7, 2019, that will inform participants about ways they can define MDF program objectives, utilize program strategies and set up tracking and reporting.

During the webinar, Angela Leech, senior research director, channel marketing strategies at SiriusDecisions, and Craig DeWolf, vice president, marketing enablement at Perks Worldwide, will discuss the top considerations of successful channel marketing incentives programs. Participants can expect to hear about:

  • Learning how channel marketing incentives such as MDF and co-op can be aligned with key growth objectives and leveraged in a strategic way
  • Gaining data and valuable insights into best-in-class channel marketing incentive program strategy and guideline considerations
  • Understanding the valuable role that channel marketing incentives play in driving demand for partner channels and gain key insights into how they need to evolve

DeWolf stated, “MDF programs are often viewed as a cost of doing business by vendors who offer these programs to match competitive programs. In fact, MDF programs can be a very powerful program. This webinar will provide insights to vendors to transform their MDF program into a competitive program — within the parameters of their existing budget.”

Those wishing to register for “Killer Channel Marketing Incentive Guidelines and the Strategy Behind Them” can do so on

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About Perks WW Channel

Perks WW Channel provides services and software to help engage B2B and indirect channel partners to improve sales effectiveness. With a listing on the Salesforce AppExchange and a global user base exceeding 9.25 million users, Perks WW Channel takes the guesswork out of channel incentives and loyalty programs.

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Source: Perks Worldwide