Perks WW Channel Addresses Struggle to Effectively Track MDF Program ROI

New eBook from Perks WW Channel explains how channel marketers can measure their MDF program's positive impact on sales.

Perks Worldwide Channel

Perks WW Channel, a premier provider of channel incentive programs that drive business performance, today announced the release of a new eBook that provides practical ways to identify the impact of MDF programs on sales and calculate program performance.

Craig DeWolf, Perks WW VP of Marketing Enablement, said, “Because channel marketers can’t easily determine whether or not MDF increases sales, they often discount MDF as a mere cost of doing business. In our eBook, we provide real-world approaches for assessing program ROI plus considerations for gathering qualitative insights.” DeWolf went on to say, “MDF is a such a large portion of the budget; by addressing the ROI pain point we hope to give readers a fresh perspective on MDF, these programs are a strategic component of the overall channel incentive mix to influence appropriate behaviors.”

In our eBook we provide real-world approaches for assessing program ROI plus considerations for gathering qualitative insights.

Craig DeWolf, Perks WW VP of Marketing Enablement

Anyone wishing to read "Practical Ways to Track MDF ROI" can download a free copy on

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