Peridot Promotions, Inc. Leadership to Rejuvenate Workforce

Peridot Promotions, Inc.'s Director discussed the struggle to return to work after a holiday and how management at the company strives to increase productivity while making the return less stressful.

​The team members at Peridot Promotions, Inc. are no strangers to the difficulty of returning to work after a lengthy vacation. It is due to this common issue that management at the company has implemented methods to assist the team in feeling rejuvenated upon coming back to work. “No matter how much rest we have managed over the holiday, the notion of work can make us feel exhausted,” said Kaley, the Director at Peridot Promotions, Inc. “That is undesirable, obviously. So, we try to offer options and solutions that make coming back feel like a new start. It is an opportunity to clear out the old and begin anew with a more positive outlook, and to be more productive.”

Kaley and the company leadership make certain to offer plenty of advice on getting reorganized. “We know the importance of shaking up a routine,” she said. “We can do little things like change our meeting space, reducing the number of required meetings, or making meetings shorter. Those are elements we can change, while our members can do things like reorganize their spaces, arrange their schedules to reduce pressure on them, or request time to work from home or someplace that is soothing, for a change of scenery. We also encourage our team to offer suggestions on what we can do to help them feel better about being at work.”

"Most productivity challenges are the results of effectiveness,"

Kaley , Director

Peridot Promotions, Inc.’s Team Aims to Maintain Productivity After Rejuvenation

Kaley went on to explain that perhaps the most difficult part of productivity is maintaining it. “Most productivity challenges are the results of effectiveness,” she said. “Onboarding, training, motivation, and general company organization all impact overall performance. We all get bogged down in this. So, it is management’s responsibility to help the team find ways to keep up that sense of rejuvenation, and keep on with the improved performance.”

The company leadership considers and implements several techniques to make this possible. “Many factors must be considered,” said Kaley. “We try to keep careful watch on our budget. We make sure we have the best possible technology for more efficient work, without having unnecessary expenses. To help morale, we make sure we have time and money to offer those seemingly small benefits that our team members appreciate, and that lets them know we are aware of all the hard work they do.”

Kaley concluded, “Communication is key. We must all be able and willing to discuss what is best for the company, for us as team members, and for us as people.” Management at Peridot Promotions, Inc. continues efforts to make coming to work a satisfying experience, to improve productivity, and enhance the quality of team life.

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