Perfekt Zero Wins Platinum Tasting Award

Ranked as Summer's Best Tasting Alcoholic Seltzer

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SIP Awards named Perfekt Zero the winner of a 2019 Platinum tasting award, the highest level of five tiers. Perfekt Zero was the only alcoholic seltzer to receive this prestigious award level. The platinum award recognizes exceptional flavor and is given by discerning consumer judges.

"We're so thrilled to have earned a Platinum award. As the alcoholic seltzer market explodes in popularity, consumers are demanding better ingredients and better flavor. We're so happy to be singled out as the best tasting option in the market."

- Barbara Zeiss, Perfekt Zero co-founder

"The alcoholic seltzer market is completely controlled by large, international beer brewers who use flavored beer as their alcohol base. We went out on a limb and used citrus wine as our base, and we've been rewarded. The superior flavor is obvious."

Goldman Sachs research shows that alcoholic seltzers are at the fastest-growing segment of the alcoholic beverage market, and grew 18.5% in 2018 in the US. The category is now bigger than Alcoholic Ciders.

SIP awards in the largest, international, consumer judged spirits competition. The 2019 competition included 3,861 entrants from 977 brands.

Perfekt Zero was also earned an "Innovation Award" at the SIP Awards competition.

"The Innovation Award is a way for our consumer judges to really honor and highlight brands that are doing something different and unique in the marketplace."

- SIP Awards Director of Events, Cher Holmes

The SIP Awards' 146 judges are selected to ensure demographic diversity and screened for any potential spirit brand affiliation. A proprietary algorithm is used to mitigate any palate inconsistencies. The results for the amazing diversity of entries, ranging anywhere from $2 a bottle to $1,600 a bottle, are judged specifically by industry outsiders.

Perfekt Zero is headquartered in San Diego, CA and produced in Sonoma, CA. It is the world's lowest calorie alcoholic drink - with only 45, has zero sugar, zero carbs, zero artificial ingredients and is the most keto alcoholic drink.

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