PepsiCo Turkey Doubles Down on Video Production in Partnership With United Plankton

PepsiCo Turkey built their inhouse agency PEP Creative Studio on producing creative content in an efficient way at the end of 2018. Now they double down their efforts by joining forces of their internal teams with a brand tech company, United Plankton, aiming to increase the cost efficiency even more.

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PepsiCo Turkey has always been one of the leaders in innovation on every side of its business including marketing & digitalization. With digital at heart, they set the benchmark on enabling technology in brand communication too.

“We use advertising technologies and data to its fullest extent to reach the right target audience, at the most accurate moment, on the most suitable screen, with the relevant offer,” said Volkan Budak, Digital Marketing Transformation Manager at PepsiCo Turkey. “This is the new game that requires custom content for every customer group, platform, and format. It forced us to rethink our video ad production processes.”

Efficiency is what every business is looking for, especially in these volatile times. PepsiCo Turkey built its in-house team in 2018 and now they are taking it one step forward using technology.

“We need custom video ads for online platforms, which increases the number of videos to be produced to hundreds. The challenging part is not just the number of the video ads, but the production and delivery times are also very critical,” adds Budak.

“Our world changes every day. We have a very agile marketing team that responds almost instantly to any changes in our very dynamic industry or a cultural moment. Thus, we started searching for partners that share our focus on agility, speed and efficiency. That is when we came across United Plankton. We built a partnership model not only to be successful in Turkey but also to be a benchmark for other regions.”

United Plankton has a unique approach to a very specific, but a big problem. UP has its own technology for producing video ads very quickly and in a cost-efficient way without sacrificing quality.

Muammer Okumus, co-founder of United Plankton emphasizes the ability to build a harmonic ecosystem as the key to success. “Every brand is looking for new ways to be able to produce digital ads better, faster, cheaper, and at scale. Using our own technology, we provide 80% cost-efficiency and the scale of producing 1,000 custom video ads per month to the brands that we partner with. But beyond cost efficiency and scale, what Volkan and the digital team did the best was re-thinking the production ecosystem by injecting innovation via brand-tech companies like United Plankton. After partnering with several brands’ inhouse teams in 38 different countries for more than 3 years now, we believe this is the key to success.”

Press Contact:
​Bahadir Varol​​
​United Plankton
​Director, Global Operations and Partnerships

Source: United Plankton


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