Pepper Rutland and MMR Spotlight: Craft Training Center

Pepper Rutland and MMR Spotlight: Craft Training Center

Through their unique Craft Training Center, James Pepper Rutland and the team at MMR strive to develop qualified, skilled craftspersons and ultimately change the standards for such individuals in the workforce. To provide clients with the most knowledgeable, educated, and qualified craftspeople, MMR designed its training center with the future in mind.

Among its many functions, the MMR Craft Training Center seeks to drive its craftsmen ahead of the projected manpower shortages and ensure that those who are entering the field are equipped with the right tools and training to be successful. MMR developed this training center with the goal that those who complete their training with MMR will be more than sufficiently prepared.

While other companies typically rely on third-party training programs, Pepper Rutland prefers to keep training in-house, whenever possible, to provide a safe, tailored approach to learning under the guidance of a Master Instructor.

The facilities of the MMR Craft Training Center are state-of-the-art, boasting 15,000 square feet of space for training purposes. With 37 stations designed to provide hands-on training and thorough assessment, individuals can receive a number of NCCER certifications, including Certified Electronic System Technician, Certified Industrial Electrician, Certified Instrumentation Fitter, Certified Instrumentation Technician and Certified Industrial Maintenance Electrical & Instrumentation Technician.

Employees are also eligible to receive various vendor certifications, MMR certification and complete MMR’s Electrical Journeyworker Apprenticeship Training Program, which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and State of Louisiana.

James Pepper Rutland also believes in the importance of mentoring future craftspersons by supporting local high schools, trade schools and universities to help prepare them for a future in the industrial construction industry.

For the past four years, Pepper Rutland and his team at MMR have received the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance Craft Workforce Development Award. Through the development and integration of its training center, MMR seeks to continue supporting and preparing its workforce for a successful and productive future.

Source: MMR Group