PEO SCORE Announces Platform Launch: A Powerful, Simplified PEO Process Through Smart, Fast and Cost-Effective Technology


PEO SCORE, a California-based technology company transforming the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) connection process, announced today the official launch of its website,

PEO SCORE is closing the gap between employers, insurance brokers and PEOs through a robust national web-based platform. The company is the first to use a proprietary scoring process for employers derived from an algorithm it developed which serves as the basis for the PEO SCORE REPORT. The Score assists PEOs in quickly submitting a concise proposal and provides an innovative online solution for qualifying and connecting employers to PEOs.

Kara Parker, CEO and Founder of PEO SCORE, said, “PEO SCORE is a startup with a mission to disrupt the way employers and insurance brokers connect with PEOs. Our visionary Innovation Team made the PEO connection process as it should be … automated, direct and cost-effective.”

PEO SCORE is solving the complexity and lack of access issues that employers and insurance brokers may experience when seeking to connect with a PEO. Its cutting-edge technology is driving market growth and producing cost reducing solutions for the business community. Notably, all PEO SCORE services are free for employers and insurance brokers.

PEO SCORE privately launched its web-based platform in early January 2019 to Professional Employer Organizations to build its PEO database. According to Parker, “We have had a tremendous response from PEOs of all sizes across the country.  Our research has proven to be valid in that PEOs are looking for economical lead generation alternatives, and they realize the market is demanding a fast and reliable bidding process that is 100 percent online.”

As an associate member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), PEO SCORE is committed to serving the PEO industry. According to NAPEO, small businesses that use PEOs grow 7 to 9 percent faster, have 10 to 14 percent lower employee turnover, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business. PEOs allow businesses of all sizes to improve productivity and profitability, to focus on core business needs, and to grow. PEO SCORE connections will result in long-term mutually beneficial business relationships.


PEO SCORE's innovative technology connects employers and insurance brokers with Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) across the nation. PEOs receive qualified leads and greater business opportunities at no cost or obligation. Insurance brokers and employers quickly receive more proposals in one comparative report leading to cost reducing business solutions. These direct connections are made easy and result in lasting business relationships. PEO SCORE’s technology drives these connections through a robust web-based platform complete with custom private profiles for PEOs, insurance brokers and employers.


Prior to the start-up of PEO SCORE and joining the proportionately small group of female tech executives, Kara practiced law over the course of several decades primarily as General Counsel for national companies. She also founded and managed a successful real estate company. As a business owner and attorney for multiple employers, Kara worked closely with executive management teams and HR departments to address the rising costs of employee benefits, employee retention issues, compliance management and payroll administration matters. In 2017, Kara retired as General Counsel for a national employer to bring the PEO SCORE concept to life.

Kara Parker, CEO & Founder
(888) 301-4146



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PEO SCORE offers a robust web-based platform that connects Professional Employer Organizations with insurance brokers and employers across the nation at no cost or obligation. Innovative technology transforming the PEO connection process.

Kara Parker
Kara Parker
CEO & Founder, PEO SCORE
Sacramento, CA
United States