Penn & Teller Mentalist Kevin Viner to Premiere Virtual, Family-Friendly Halloween Show 'Haunted Thoughts'

​Mentalist Kevin Viner will be presenting his brand new, virtual experience ​Haunted Thoughts as a special event through Zoom over Halloween weekend. Haunted Thoughts ​is an interactive experience that promises to bring the family together in a time when trick-or-treating isn't an option for many families. 

Viner is a mentalist, a "magician of the mind" who has traded in decks of cards and worn gags for psychology, smooth delivery, and what appears to be an uncanny ability to read people. He has appeared on cable and network television shows including ​Penn & Teller: Fool Us, AMC's ​The Core, ​Masters of Illusion, Don't Blink, ​and ​Busy Tonight, and he says that this may be the thing he's most proud of. "I wanted to create a show that would bring people together in a time when we are all having to stay more distant than usual." For Viner, that meant designing a completely new show from scratch.

In the hour long program, guests log in via a private Zoom link, and are told upfront that they might become part of the show at any time. It feels like a TV show, with the addition of the "host" being able to see and interact with viewers in real time. Whether it is guessing the song that somebody is thinking about, or allowing one guest to impossibly read the mind of another, Viner promises to keep people entertained, laughing, and amazed throughout.

Kevin Viner Presents: Haunted Thoughts

Tickets: $25 through

Friday, October 30: 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET
​Saturday, October 31: 4pm PT / 7pm ET
​Saturday, October 31: 7pm PT / 10pm ET

Source: Kevin Viner Productions LLC


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