Pendo Systems Announces Adam Schneider, Partner at Oliver Wyman, as Its Latest Board Member

Pendo Systems is delighted to announce the appointment of industry veteran Adam Schneider as the latest member of its board of directors. Adam’s career in financial services spans more than 30 years.

Adam is currently a partner in Oliver Wyman’s financial services practice focusing on the intersection of digital technology and financial institutions.  His expertise includes retail banking, capital markets, transaction banking, wealth & asset management, and home lending. Over the years, Adam has played an instrumental role in the evolution of the financial services industry as it wrestled with a raft of changes from digital, risk, compliance, thriving through the financial crisis, operational effectiveness, through to the impact of technology.

Adam is a leader on the LIBOR transition, supporting the U.S. Federal Reserve Alternative Reference Rates Committee as chair of the ARRC’s Working Group on Operations, Infrastructure, and Transition.

Over his career, Adam was a managing director at BlackRock, a principal at Deloitte, Managing Director at Chancellor Capital (now Invesco), and a program manager at Goldman Sachs. He has been a board member at multiple nonprofits including United Way Worldwide and Space Center Houston, NASA’s nonprofit visitor center, and is a Centennial Member of the Economic Club of New York.

Professionally, Adam has been published in a number of prestigious publications from The Wall Street Journal to The New York Times and USA Today as well as the Harvard Law Journal. He’s a frequent presenter, including Money 20/20, the American Banker’s Association and the Bank Administration Institute, and has lectured at The Sloan School, the Stern School, and Wharton.

“I’ve known Pam Cytron for a great many years now and admired from afar what she’s been able to do with Pendo Systems, particularly their unique approach to helping solve the challenges inherent in the imminent LIBOR transition process.  In joining the board, I look forward to providing the team with the benefits of my broad, industry-relevant experience and to offering them the kind of guidance that will hopefully help the company take the next big leap forward,” said Adam Schneider, Partner, Oliver Wyman.

Adam joins a board that currently includes Bill Woodley, CEO Americas, Commonwealth Bank, and Ruth Wandhofer, Partner, Gauss Ventures.

“It’s always exciting and humbling when you add to the talent pool your growing company can count on to help create the future for your business. Even better when that person is a longtime colleague and friend. I’ve known Adam for a large part of my career and know the impact he can make on Pendo, which will be immediate and transformational. I couldn’t be happier to start our legendary year with such great news. Welcome, Adam,” said Pam Cytron, founder/CEO Pendo Systems.

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