Pediatric Doctor Set to Launch a New Type of Children's Book, Dubbed Command Books, that Inspires a Love for Reading

New York Pediatric Doctor, Dr. Chiamaka Agbasionwe, has embarked on a mission to inspire a love of reading among kids with the upcoming launch of a new type of children's book called Command Books.

Command Book Cover

Studies have revealed that screen time has doubled in the last two decades. But what's more frightening is that kids are being exposed to far more screen time than recommended by pediatric experts. This has resulted in decreased human-to-human interactions and also a reduction in the time spent reading. Research has shown that reading is fundamental to building intelligence and ultimately leads to economic success. Letter World LLC's, founded by Dr. Agbasionwe, new kind of children's books offers a fun way to improve childhood literacy in America. 

The I Say Mommy Does: Verbs for Feet and I Say Daddy Does: Verbs for Feet Command Books series are designed for kids between the ages of 4-7 years old who are capable of reading some sight words but struggle to enjoy reading. Command Books address their lack of motivation for reading with short sentences that captivate their attention from beginning to end. 

This delightful board book flips the script on the parent-child relationship, allowing the child to give their parents instructions using common verbs. To prompt the action, the child has to read the instruction or question and the parent has to perform the commands. The Command books put kids in charge, but all the while they are actually doing what the parents want them to do - and that is reading. The book is ideal for busy parents, and kids will learn new verbs for feet while getting ready for bed.

The Command Book series is Dr. Agbasionwe's debut work as an author; however, the wit and thoughtfulness of the Command Book series show her experience as a pediatric doctor. When asked about the motivation for writing the series, she explained: "Parents often tell me how their kids prefer to watch TV or YouTube than read. Such concerns touched me because I know that without a love for reading, I would not be where I am today. I created the Command Book series because I want to inspire a love of reading at an early age with engaging resources and books."

The Command Books series is set to release in December 2020. Pre-orders are now open on Kickstarter: Either Dr. Agbasionwe meets her fundraising goal by the deadline (November 18) or all money will be refunded to backers and the project will be unsuccessful. Please support her mission that all kids love to read by pre-ordering or donating today.


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