Peck Training Group's "Interviewers' Edge" Gives Companies an Advantage When Hiring Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Companies need to find leaders and managers at the earliest point in a business relationship in order to be competitive. Peck Training Group's one-day training program will enable managers to hire the right candidate for today and tomorrow's job.

Peck Training Group, one of the country’s leading professional development training companies, is now offering its clients Interviewers’ Edge – an Interviewing and Talent Selection Class for Managers. Interviewers’ Edge is a one-day training program geared toward company management and anyone responsible for interviewing job candidates. A major component of this program will be giving managers the tools they need to identify potential at the earliest point in a business relationship – the interview process. Historically, companies would have the luxury of cultivating future leaders as employees worked and grew on the job. But many industries no longer have that luxury. They are desperately searching for ways to identify, and then elevate, quality talent at the start.  

“Major markets such as Dallas-Fort Worth are experiencing a shortage of quality STEM job candidates. As a result of this shortage, they may not be able to be as choosy about who they hire,” says Holly St. John Peck, President and CEO of Peck Training Group. “This scarcity makes identifying management potential from the very start more important than ever before. Our program is designed to give interviewers an edge when looking for tomorrow’s leaders.” Hethcock, Bill (May 1, 2015). “Despite strong pool, DFW still has a shortage of Talent.” Dallas Business Journal, p. 10

Interviewers’ Edge is a one-day engaging program that will give a company’s managers the knowledge, tools and hands-on practice they need to attract and hire the right employees. Attendees will develop effective behavioral-based interview skills; learn how to gather the maximum amount of vital candidate information in a short interview window; make hiring choices based on job-related criteria versus candidate comparisons; and learn how to control challenging candidates/interviews to get the necessary information. Programs can be hosted in person at the client’s preferred location or online for those companies with multiple or international offices.

About Peck Training Group

Peck Training Group delivers a blended learning solution with training, webinar and coaching options for companies with employees around the world. The Company has two decades of experience supporting medium-sized companies up to Fortune 500 clients, as well as prestigious universities and professional associations. The company specializes in the 3Ps of Leadership: Presentation, People and Political Savvy skills.  Peck Training was given an award in April 2014 for “Excellence in Professional Development” by ICIEC. Visit us at or on Twitter @hollypeck