Pebblebee Now Lets You Ask Alexa to Find Your Keys and Phone on Amazon Alexa Enabled Device

The New Pebblebee Find My Phone and Keys Amazon Alexa skill is the first to ever allow you to "find my keys" and "find my phone" by simply asking your enabled Alexa device.

Ask Amazon Alexa to Find your Phone and Keys

 Pebblebee®​ recently introduced its latest and greatest product The Finder, with its sleek Stainless Steel frame, having the loudest audible sound and the longest range in the Bluetooth enabled location tracking market. Summer is just around the corner, and with the everyday hustle and bustle, life throws people in all different directions. No matter how efficiently people may think they are juggling the daily responsibilities, it’s inevitable that at some point they misplace things. Most important being their keys! What if the two most used items are misplaced such as phones and keys?  Fret no more.  Today, Pebblebee​ has announced a new Amazon Alexa skill that allows people to simply ask “Alexa, Ask Pebblebee to find my keys” or “Alexa, Ask Pebblebee to find my phone”.   This is the first skill to ever allow people to find not only their phone even when it’s on vibrate, but anything else that they tag with the Finder on the free Pebblebee App.   

“Soon we will integrate our patented trackable technology into clothing, water bottles, wallets, anything you can think of, and all you have to do is Ask Alexa to quickly locate them for you when you’re running out the door late for a meeting” said Daniel Daoura, CEO of Pebblebee. “Our mission is to save people time.   Well, now you don't even have to use the Pebblebee app on your phone to find your things, simply Ask Alexa and she’ll buzz and locate your phone and items!”  

Alexa has become the new oil, exponentially increasing human efficiency over the next decade and Pebblebee intends to be at the forefront of this emerging technology. Now you don't even have to use the Pebblebee app to find your things, simply Ask Alexa and she'll buzz and locate your phone and items. Soon we will integrate our patented trackable technology into clothing, water bottles, wallets, anything you can think of.

Daniel Daoura, CEO

The durable stainless steel Finder has the longest range, loudest tracker in its class, and includes a replaceable battery that lasts up to 1 year.  The sleek design makes it a high-end accessory and hardly looks like your everyday consumer electronic. Use it to keep track of keys, phones, luggage, purses, cameras, and other valuables with a range of up to 200 feet and LED to make finding easier anywhere.  It also has a Finder button to ring phones, helping people locate it when they've misplaced it even when it’s on silent.  The Finder provides peace of mind that if an item gets misplaced, it can be quickly and easily found.

Daniel says “90% of the time you think you’ve lost your keys or phone, it’s likely they are somewhere nearby, under a couch cushion, car seat, or on a desk full of clutter.  With the Finder and Alexa Find my Phone and Keys Skill, I don't have to freak out about losing my phone or keys, I can simply ask Alexa to quickly locate them.”​  He adds that "the Alexa Skills Kit enables developers to quickly and seamlessly enable actions that you would have otherwise had to do manually on your phone.  We're increasingly seeing a shift from hands on to voice enabled. And now camera enabled with the Amazon Echo Look device. Alexa has become the new oil, exponentially increasing human efficiency over the next decade. Pebblebee intends to be at the forefront of this emerging technology. "

The Pebblebee Finder is available now through and

About Pebblebee® - Based in Bellevue, Wash., Pebblebee is a tech lab building powerful and useful technology without compromise to design. Pebblebee was created out of necessity in 2012 after co-founders Daniel Daoura and Nick Pearson-Franks were challenged by their toddlers playing hide and seek with keys and everything around the house worth hiding.  They needed a way to cut down on time spent finding lost items. Daoura and Pearson-Franks became committed to creating the most attractive and empowering tracker on the market. For more information about Pebblebee, please visit​


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