Peacock Associates, LLC Announces Launch of peaChic

Description: Peacock Associates, LLC announces the launch of peaChic; a magazine incorporating women, business, and balance.

Lewis Center, OH,- Peacock Associates, LLC announces the launch of a new magazine incorporating women, business and balance. The magazine is geared toward women in business, women in leadership roles, and women entrepreneurs. It also features articles surrounding life, travel, product reviews and offers grants to women-owned, women-focused businesses.

peaChic was created to connect these like-minded, like-hearted women in a well-balanced magazine format.
Because peaChic is focused on women in all areas of business, they are also diligent and dedicated to helping women launch or expand their own businesses, which is why they have established a grant called the peaGrant.
The peaGrant is a grant dedicated to women-owned and women-focused businesses and never requires repayment. The purpose of the peaGrant is to provide a funding source to women, where lack of funding could result in the inability to launch effectively.
Ms. Mary Young (CEO) said "...."peaChic gives us a place to learn and grow in our own businesses, and provides a network of other women who understand the drive, diligence, and creativity behind who we are individually."

Ms. Lisa Hales, Contributing Writer and Photographer for peaChic and owner of Stylista Lisa, says..."peaChic offers visitors and members a unique combination of access to interesting articles, new and unique products, activities and commaraderie in the Girls' Getaways.

peaChic can be found online at . The grant application can be found at .

About Peacock Associates, LLC
Peacock Associates, LLC has been fortunate to work with some of the largest companies in the world, learning, teaching and engaging in Best Practices. From this, Peacock Associates has taken this and translated it into bite-size pieces for the small/medium business.
Peacock Associates, LLC offers group classes and individual business consulting for small/medium businesses engaged in growth cycles. Areas of teaching include, Employee Development, Loyalty and Motivation, Hiring, Process Improvement, BPO, Communication, Sales, Customer Satisfaction, Client Retention, and more.

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