Peace Law Firm Offers Free Rides on Thanksgiving to Encourage Responsible Holiday Celebrations

Receive a Free Sober Ride in Greenville, SC.

Thanksgiving Sober Rides

The Peace Law Firm is delighted to reopen its holiday sober rides initiative, designed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Greenville citizens during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend. As part of this promotion, the Peace Law Firm will reward Greenville residents for rides rendered using ridesharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, with a maximum of up to $25. This initiative is intended to encourage responsible Thanksgiving celebrations and discourage driving while intoxicated.

Thanksgiving Drunk Driving Statistics

It's no secret that people tend to drink more on Thanksgiving and other national holidays. Unfortunately, this can lead to an increase in drunk driving incidents. According to the National Safety Council, drunk driving killed 30% of the country's traffic fatalities in 2020, and 36% of all Thanksgiving Day deaths involved an impaired driver.

The consequences of alcohol-related collisions are far-reaching, not only causing irreparable damage to those involved, but also placing a significant burden on emergency personnel.

Get a Free Holiday Ride on Thanksgiving

Please do not drink and drive this Thanksgiving weekend! The Peace Law Firm is committed to helping individuals avoid the consequences of impaired driving during the holidays. They are offering to pay you back as much as $25 to assist in your safe journey home.

In order to be eligible to participate in the program, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements: be 21 years of age or older; have used rideshare services between November 22nd and November 24th; and have commenced or terminated their rideshare service in the city of Greenville, South Carolina. Within seven days of Thanksgiving Day, you will need to provide a photo ID and your receipt, along with your email address to your PayPal account. This will need to be labeled “Sober Rides” and mailed to the mailing address listed below under Contact Information. This program is only for the first 100 submissions per year.

The Peace Law Firm strives to make a positive impact on the lives of the citizens of Greenville. This holiday season, the firm wants to promote responsible decisions and to help reduce the number of drunk driving accidents.

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