PDX, Inc. Introduces Data Transmission Solution: Envoy Dx™

PDX, Inc. is excited to bring to market its accurate data transmission solution Envoy Dx™.   

Gaining and maintaining access to specialty and limited-distribution networks involves adhering to specific procedures and meeting reporting requirements set by manufacturers. The process can often be tedious and complex, calling for access to multiple data feeds such as prescription status, clinical diagnoses, inventory information, and more.  

Sending the accurate information to data aggregators and manufacturers requires many man hours and IT investments. Envoy Dx does it all for users, simply and efficiently. Designed to meet the unique needs of specialty pharmacy reporting, Envoy Dx leverages the Explore Dx data warehouse to organize, transform, and send data sourced from PDX’s EPS workflow Care Rx and other proprietary or commercial systems to the appropriate third-party data aggregators or manufacturers.  

The goal with Envoy Dx is to create a partnership with PDX’s customers to facilitate efficient operational practices and help drive accuracy of the available data. Similar to Explore Dx, this platform will be available for customers to either use in a self-service function or choose to enlist PDX’s expertise to manage customers’ needs.   

PDX, Inc. Director, Business Intelligence, Adam Beacham says, “We are excited to announce the release of Envoy Dx. We believe this system will drive data efficiencies for our customer base by delivering accurate information to their partners, especially regarding the custom data feeds required in Specialty Pharmacy.” 

Immense possibilities exist for this innovative technology to mitigate data obstacles in the healthcare industry. 

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