PDsurF, Intelligent PDF Document Management Cloud

PDsurF has announced today the beta launch of its smart, seamless PDF document and e-book management platform, that uses machine learning and machine intelligence to help users in educational, professional, commercial and non-profit sectors to better store, search and view PDFs and e-books as well as organize online document libraries.

PDsurF Online

After years of research and development we are happy to announce the first beta launch of our intelligent document management platform, that was developed to help users save precious time organizing their PDF document libraries and e-book collections. PDsurF is a unique platform that users machine learning to help user keep track of their documents with ease, and without worrying about misplacing their digital assets.

PDsurF includes a powerful online PDF document viewer and collaboration tools, that allow users to view, highlight and annotate PDF content, as well as share documents and comments with users and groups.

PDsurF, intelligent seamless PDF document management platform

Reza Mokhtari, Co-founder

PDsurF features include: A smart history list that keeps track of all the documents that users view and use; A simple and convenient integrated file management system; Automatic tagging using machine intelligence to identify the content and topics of your PDF document and tags them accordingly; Powerful universal search; Document and markup sharing; and many more other great features coming soon.

For more information and to try PDsurF for your self, please visit and subscribe at https://www.pdsurf.com it's absolutely free.

Source: PDsurF Inc.

About PDsurF

PDsurF is a smart and seamless PDF document management platform that uses machine learning and machine intelligence to help users better organize their PDF documents and e-book collections.

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