PCI Psychological Care Institute Introduces New Integrative Psychosocial Model Towards Managing Addiction

PCI Centers has built a new integrative model to managing addiction -- one that blends an evidence-based perspective to ensure high-quality care coupled with an individualized and compassionate approach. The Los Angeles treatment center, with locations in Westlake Village and Malibu, recognizes that proper treatment for addiction requires a comprehensive and team-based approach that involves psychological, medical, and social dimensions seamlessly orchestrated together to serve patient needs. 

This approach focuses both on addressing underlying root causes and practical, attainable goals to guide patients through their recovery. 

PCI's team of experts works collaboratively to deliver a high standard of evidence-based best practice to ensure all patients of PCI Centers receive the most current and well-researched approaches to managing their conditions. PCI Center is staffed by a team of doctorate-level psychologists who specialize in addressing both addiction and general mental health conditions.  They incorporate various therapeutic modalities in individual and group therapy formats based on the patient being served. 

The medical director at PCI is board-certified in addiction medicine as well as internal medicine. They oversee the comprehensive medical management of all patients’ substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions. 

“At PCI, we also understand that addressing and overcoming outdated societal stigma associated with addiction is a crucial aspect of an individual’s recovery. To this end, we provide both family therapy and education for family members and friends in an accessible and personal manner to help support their loved ones through recovery. We also take pride in applying a highly personalized approach to patient care with the highest regard for confidentiality, trust, and individual empowerment. We look forward to meeting you and supporting your journey to long-term recovery,” said Dr. Miriam Hamideh, Executive and Clinical Director of PCI Centers. 

The medical model at PCI Centers is designed to extend beyond the traditional expectation of detoxification to also provide medication and non-medication approaches for managing withdrawal, cravings, relapse prevention, and other strategies to maximize the chance of patients successfully completing their individualized treatment goals. The experts at PCI work closely together to ensure all providers are in alignment to provide a seamless, patient-centered experience. 

For more information about mental health, drug rehab, alcohol treatment, or to make a press inquiry, contact PCI Centers at 31194 La Baya Dr. Suite 201. (747) 222-7464.

Source: PCI Centers


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