Pazerandepstein Offers Personal Injury Attorneys in Queens

Accidents on the job happen every day. A personal injury lawyer in Queens can help to provide legal representation for the injured in order to determine what needs to happen next. The law offices of Pazer, Epstein & Jaffe are able to provide legal representation.

Financial support is amongst one of the top concerns for people when they become injured. Personal injuries, work injuries, and construction injuries are common. Many people, even though they are injured, will simply pay the medical bills and move on with their lives. While these may be accidents, people should seek justice.

A New York construction accident lawyer can walk a person through how to seek financial compensation. A recent case that was litigated by Pazer, Epstein & Jaffe resulted in winning $5 million for the individual. The individual fell from a ladder and broke both of his arms and developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The case was built and taken to court. The settlement was structured to allow payments through his lifetime to be able to support his family.

“Qualified construction accidents lawyers in Queens can help a case and ensure that the injured party is capable of supporting his or her family financially,” comments a spokesperson for the law firm.

Construction accidents are not the only way to get legal assistance. Cases have been built due to other personal injuries as well. Some trials have resulted in verdicts of $7 million and even more in some instances.

Every case is different. The only way for an injured party to know if they qualify for having their case represented is to make an appointment. A case will be reviewed and the party responsible for the injuries will be identified. In many instances, particularly with construction accidents, there may be more than one party who can be blamed, such as the employer and the manufacturer of equipment.

Whether it is an auto accident lawyer in Queens that needs to be called or any other personal injury, the law offices of Pazer, Epstein & Jaffe have the experience to take the case, and fight in court if necessary.

A free initial consultation with a case review is available.

Source: Pazer, Epstein & Jaffe, P.C