Payzel and Ocean Builders Have Partnered to Unlock Bitcoin for Real Estate Purchases on the Ocean

Ocean Builders, the world's preeminent ocean community builder of sustainable homes, has partnered with Payzel to launch a 'Banking as a Service Platform' where clients can pay for homes with crypto-enabled accounts and open up banking from anywhere in the world.

Ocean Builders' official launch date is August 2022, when they will highlight some of the most amazing advancements in sustainable living known to this planet. Grant Romundt, CEO of Ocean Builders, was quoted as saying, "We are excited about delivering innovative solutions for people to buy, pay for, and own eco-restorative homes, and Payzel is providing a mechanism for us to make this a reality." 

This partnership in frontier finance works directly in the path of how Payzel was founded, forged out of frustration with traditional banks.

Payzel has been leading the charge in finding incredibly early-stage technology companies' finance for growth. Banks would typically never touch offshore floating homes. Todd Kleperis, Payzel's founder states, "I wish we could find more financial institutions willing to drive real change; we keep discovering only pockets of them, but we know there are more are out there able to innovate alongside us. Our current partner financial institutions are not afraid of new technology. We don't need those banks that shot down Bitcoin or blew off hydroponics for years. By the time those banks figure it out, we will already dominate those spaces." Todd was previously in the cannabis industry as one of the leading experts on cannabis banking. His prior work with banks in this space has highlighted his sheer desire to identify cutting-edge financial institutions that have the courage to control things like space, ocean health, and all things frontier. leads one of those such industries.

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Source: Payzel Inc.