PayQwick Powers MainStem Platform for Faster Payments Across the Cannabis Industry

PayQwick Financial Network and MainStem are pleased to announce their partnership to deliver simpler, faster payment processing on MainStem’s digital marketplace platform, This partnership launch is particularly timely, given COVID-19’s impact upon commerce; MainStem makes it even easier for essential businesses to access the supplies they need to serve their customers. enables cannabis and cannabis-affiliated businesses to access over 150 vendors and more than 10,000 products in one platform. Powered by MainStem technology, users can search for a product, see all vendors who can source/fulfill the necessary quantity, evaluate prices and arrange shipping.

Beginning this week, MainStem’s capabilities will be enhanced by PayQwick’s seamless payment processing. MainStem customers will now benefit from PayQwick’s capabilities at checkout, where they will be presented the option to “Pay with Bank Transfer” or “Pay with PayQwick.”

Additionally, MainStem will now allow real-time transfers between PayQwick users, a convenient PayQwick Financial Network benefit known as “QwickPay.”

PayQwick Chief Executive Officer Bob Craig shares, “The MainStem integration benefits both of our client bases through simpler and faster payments. Sellers benefit from immediate payment authorizations and buyers enjoy same-day shipment confirmation. The addition of MainStem to the PayQwick Financial Network brings together trading partners, simplifies supply chain execution and builds recurring purchase volume to sellers on

MainStem Founder and CEO Alen Nguyen adds, “We are excited to add PayQwick’s payment processing solutions to our marketplace to support faster trades for our buyers and sellers. PayQwick helps normalize payment processing for the cannabis industry and helps our clients sell more – a win-win for all.”


PayQwick Financial Network brings well-established, proven payment processing, banking services and regulatory compliance to cash-intensive businesses, making it safer and easier to grow and serve customers. PayQwick serves all state- and multi-state licensed manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers with a full range of treasury and other financial services. Learn more about PayQwick Financial Network at

MainStem allows cannabis businesses to centralize purchasing and eliminate hours of price shopping and order approvals, manage custom packaging and print projects, and purchase products for all locations in one order, saving significant resources. Learn more about MainStem at

Source: Kate Ryan PR