PayMyTuition Develops Digital Campus eStore Capabilities for Educational Institutions

PayMyTuition equips educational institutions with innovative eStore digital campus solution.


PayMyTuition, a leading provider of technology-driven payment processing solutions for tuition management and campus commerce, announced today the launch of their innovative digital campus eStore solution for the higher education category. This launch will equip colleges and universities with a new contactless way to sell campus goods and services within a single online self-service web application, eliminating the friction that exists within traditional campus commerce payment processing solutions.

"The launch of our eStore solution, providing institutions with a completely digital campus commerce alternative, will be a game-changer for campus payment processing for both students and finance staff," stated Arif Harji, Chief Market Strategist, MTFX Group. "Our innovative eStores solution allows institutions to have a seamless and contactless way to sell physical and digital goods and services to students, staff, alumni, and visitors along with providing the school with innovative features like shopping cart functionality and inventory management for the first time." 

PayMyTuition's eStore solution will enable online campus sales, ticket purchases, event registrations, membership sign-up and fee payments, donations, parking passes, campus merchandise, payment of library fines, and much more all through a single self-serve web application with 24/7 accessibility. 

With PayMyTuition's eStores solution institutions will now be able to create, manage, and operate digital storefronts while at the same time integrate a fully secure and innovative payment offering with various unique and next-generation features including single cart checkout for purchases across multiple stores, donation solution capabilities, the ability to set up custom store promotions and student discounts, as well as enabling integrated shipping functionality, all with direct integration into student information and campus finance systems at both a store and product level. 

This next-generation eStore solution will enable institutions to feed transactions directly into their student information systems and assign GL accounts to individual stores while allowing schools to mobilize their POS to accept secure payments anywhere on or off campus. With integrated automation any manual intervention, data uploading or traditional account reconciliation by school staff is eliminated allowing schools to manage their payments seamlessly and efficiently.

This solution will also allow students to shop simply and easily online by way of various local and international payment options including credit cards, ACH payments, open banking payments and various e-wallets while enabling foreign payment capabilities across 180 countries in 135+ different currencies.

PayMyTuition's eStore solution offers institutions customization and flexibility allowing for the offering to be fully unique and speak to the needs of each institution individually. This solution is compatible with most student information systems including ellucian Banner, ellucian Colleague, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, among others and can be fully operational in only a matter of days.

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