PaymentCollect Releases EMV Integration for QuickBooks Desktop

PaymentCollect™ is pleased to announce its latest innovations for QuickBooks™ Financial (Desktop): EMV integration and Level II processing support.  The EMV (chip-card) integration gives merchants greater protection against fraud and chargebacks.   Commercial, Corporate, Purchasing, and Government credit card transactions submitted with Level II Card Data can qualify for lower processing rates. 

More Flexibility and Automation

Built on over 7 years of merchant feedback, PaymentCollect’s™ integration into QuickBooks™ Desktop is flexible enough to meet the unique ways in which merchants use QuickBooks™ , while offering automation that saves time and eliminates dual-entry errors.  This allows merchants to save money on merchant service fees by going with the processor of their choosing, while not disrupting their current workflow.  And the new release further reduces the number of steps required to process a payment.  

“Our new QuickBooks™ Desktop release really offers something wonderful for everyone,” said Philip Holan, CEO.  “Top of the line integration, the latest in fraud protection and the flexibility to use QuickBooks™  are all in here and in the best way possible. At the end of the day, PaymentCollect’s™ greatest goal is to offer a product that is intuitive and easy to use.”

About PaymentCollect

Founded in 2010 due to an overwhelming demand from the QuickBooks™ market for better payment processing options, PaymentCollect™ provides savvy merchants with best in class integration to QuickBooks™ POS and Financial Products, matching and improving the existing payment processing experience with a real time embedded plug-in solution and allowing merchants the flexibility to choose preferred payment processors.  

PaymentCollect™ is an industry leader, with innovations such as being the first to offer EMV integration into QuickBooks™ Point of Sale (a full year prior to Intuit’s native support) and equipping merchants with powerful reporting tools for fast and accurate authorization tracking, eliminating guesswork if IT / network problems are encountered during processing.

Source: PaymentCollect


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