PayBySky Launches World`s First Autonomous Parking Payment Service for Calgary's ParkPlus System

Calgary becomes the first city in the world to offer autonomous parking payment option


​​As of this month, motorists in Calgary are the first in the world to be able to pay for their parking using a fully autonomous payment service powered by PayBySky technology.

PayBySky uses a small in-vehicle device called a ‘Skymeter’ to pinpoint a vehicle’s exact location so it can then make an automatic parking payment on your behalf using Calgary Parking Authority’s ParkPlus account.

"The Skymeter removes the hassle and headache of paying for parking. With the Skymeter, all you need to do is park your vehicle, walk away and let the system pay for your parking."

Roger DHollander, President

"The Skymeter removes the hassle and headache of paying for parking," says PayBySky President Roger D’Hollander. "With the Skymeter, all you need to do is park your vehicle, walk away and let the system pay for your parking." PayBySky also includes handy additional features such as a trip log book, real time vehicle location and driving behaviour analysis, which are especially useful for company owned vehicles.

PayBySky’s technology works with Calgary’s ParkPlus System to remove the need for cash, credit cards or mobile phones to make a parking payment. All a customer needs for ultimate freedom is to install a Skymeter in their vehicle.

"Calgary is recognized as a world leader in technology, and in keeping with that tradition, we are excited to extend PayBySky convenience to our ParkPlus account holders," said Calgary Parking Authority General Manager Mike Derbyshire. "The combination of these two systems moves us one step closer to the future of self-driving and autonomous vehicles and we want to make sure that our technology is ready for that reality."

Calgary based Constant Fire Protection Systems was the first customer to use PayBySky. Rob Anderson, President commented, "This innovative service aligns with our strategy to use progressive technology to increase productivity in all aspects of our business."

Information about how to obtain a Skymeter can be found at

About PayBySky

PayBySky, based in London, Ontario specializes in payment systems for cars and trucks. We supply financial-grade GPS (FGPS) metering for parking payment, usage-based insurance, high-occupancy/tolling, and road-use charging such as automated toll payments for rental fleets and infrastructure-free HOT lanes. Our patented systems incorporate smart meters, intelligent software, and telecommunications to lower driving costs, improve automotive safety and address urban congestion. We help save money, frustration and overhead as we reduce infrastructure costs, improve road safety and reduce emissions.

About CPA

The Calgary Parking Authority is a proud partner of The City of Calgary and is committed to managing publicly-owned on- and off-street parking facilities on The City’s behalf. In addition, we manage the municipal parking enforcement program and provide parking advisory services.

 Every dollar we collect that exceeds our operational costs is returned to The City of Calgary. In 2015 we returned more than $29 million to the municipal general revenue program which funds projects such as recreation centers and pathways and provides funding for community services and public safety programs. The CPA operates without using any municipal tax revenues.

Source: PayBySky

About PayBySky

PayBySky - A cloud based service that manages fully autonomous financial transactions originating from a vehicle.

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