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The pawn industry is drastically increasing its presence in the present economy and is experiencing renewed popularity from the public. According to the most recent US economic census revealed by the National Pawnbrokers Association, "An estimate of approximately 10,000 pawn shops has been established in 2012 compared to 6,389 in 2007". To keep the pawnbrokers aware of these emerging trends, use customizable platforms to collect news and categorizes them accordingly. The high end pawn section gives details about the recent achievements of different stores, whereas the gold price section gives insight into the current status and future of gold. The site also publishes articles about pawn stores as well as collateral loans that are useful for both buyers and sellers.

Apart from pawn news, the site also keeps pawnbrokers tuned to reality TV shows about pawn stars, buyers, pawn shops and more. Many people depend on pawnbrokers to meet daily financial needs to keep their electricity on, the rent paid and cars running with full tanks of gas but are unsure of their possession's value. With they can know the current value of their precious metal. The aim of is to keep both buyers and sellers aware of the pawn industry news. This instant news publishing site also provides details about pawn stocks.

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