Paul Sternberg of Houston Contributes to Rebuild Country Day School

Country Day, a college preparatory school, started a fundraising campaign to help rebuild the school after Hurricane Katrina.

​Schools are sacred environments. The building might be mere brick and mortar, but what goes on within the halls is exemplary. Schools are where the future generations learn, develop, socialize and grow. These areas are supposed to be safe, innocent, and encouraging.

That is why when anything happens to a school; it is far more devastating than when it happens to any other building. Schools are supposed to be set apart; free from the struggles of the real world. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina did not make such a distinction.

Therefore, when Paul Sternberg of Houston learned about a campaign to rebuild Country Day.  As an alumnus, he knew he had to help. Sternberg knew that he couldn’t allow these students to be without a school. After everything they’d gone through, they needed a haven. Although living in Houston, Sternberg did all he could to help.

About Country Day School

Country Day School is a private school, which teaches grades pre-K to 12th grade. This school is non-sectarian and coeducational and known for fostering the minds of children throughout their developmental years. The curriculum encourages free-thinkers and allows children to learn at their own pace, in their own way.

Founded in 1929, the school is a true Louisiana gem. The group of parents who started the school did so to ensure their children had the best education possible. They were unhappy with the status quo of traditional, as well as private schools at the time and decided to create their own. This show of independence and aspiration for greatness has continued throughout the decades. Ergo, these qualities are a source of pride for Country Day. That pride is echoed by each of the students who discover their own potential, within the beautiful 14-acre campus.

Rebuilding Efforts

Paul Sternberg of Houston, TX knew that this school shapes intelligent, free thinkers of the future.  So, when he heard that the Country Day school was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, he knew he had to help. Thus, Sternberg donated money directly to the school, to help kickstart the rebuilding efforts.

Aftermath of Altruism

“After Katrina, I continued to donate money,” Paul Sternberg said. “It helped shape my life and hopefully shape the future generations of New Orleanians.”

Carolyn Chandler spearheaded the campaign was largely responsible for helping to rebuild the school. Sternberg regards her as a guiding and instrumental force in the rebuilding efforts. In fact, they have renamed The Front Circle in honor of her efforts to save the school. Sternberg donated to the cause to acknowledge The Head’s efforts. It’s a constant reminder of the fortitude and the humanity that was shown in a time of crisis.

In summation, Paul Sternberg didn’t hesitate to take a risk by helping the school rebuild. Getting the school up and running was the focal point of his contribution.  He recognized there was a need and he filled it, the best way he could. In doing this, Sternberg hopes to set an example. If someone out there can help, regardless of how much, doing what they can for a cause they believe in is always appreciated. It could help set a course for the next generation.

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