Paul Rizzo's New Book 'Priestess in a Desert Night' is a Brilliant Fiction About the Tales Under the Desert Moonlight and a Priestess Seeking Salvation

Fulton Books author Paul Rizzo, a writer with a master's degree in education, has completed his most recent book "Priestess in a Desert Night": a gripping narrative about a priestess' story that Sam heard in the tavern where he and Justin stopped by. He will know about how this Navajo priestess fled from captivity and attempted to go back home, only to be sent away to the desert. It's about a folklore of centuries past that will play a role in their present.

Rizzo shares, "Priestess in a Desert Night is a drama that begins on a desert night, when Sam and Justin pull into a roadside tavern In El Paso, Texas. Sam decides to go for a walk in the immediate surroundings of the tavern. The moonlight gives Sam enough light to stroll about and eye the desert floor and its dwellers. Justin, Sam's buddy, heads into the tavern to get a table. The foreshadowing is on display as Sam eyes a desert owl large in stature. The owl waits for its evening prey to slither along. The owl eventually is attacked by hawks, and Sam encounters the owl's demise. The owl's final resting place is, in part, a foreshadowing of a present danger. The desert is the soul and stage of this story. The priestess is an old story of a Navajo woman, presented to Sam by Becky, a lady he meets by chance in the tavern. The story of the Navajo priestess runs concurrently with this drama. The tale of the Navajo priestess is the crux or bridge of this story. The priestess of days gone by has fatalistic importance to this novel. She, the early priestess, was captured by Spanish soldiers; and she, White Sun, escaped and returned to her tribe. The elders had dismissed her. She had to go into the desert for days, and if she survived, she could rejoin her people. What happens to White Sun in her trial has bearing hundreds of years later to the fate of Sam and Becky and an American hero, Virginia, a Navajo descendant, who is instrumental in this drama concerning Sam, Becky, Justin, Connie, and Uncle Jack—ordinary Americans fighting to keep their farms."

Published by Fulton Books, Paul Rizzo's riveting epic will draw readers into an enchanting journey in the desert night where tales and secrets are buried within. Join Sam and the rest of his friends, old and new, as they explore what lies ahead.

Readers who wish to experience this engrossing work can purchase "Priestess in a Desert Night" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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