Patriot Consulting Now Offers Continuous Managed Detection and Response for Office 365 With SecureShield

Be Prepared for Microsoft Office 365 Security Threats

Patriot Consulting Technology announced the launch of their SecureShield 365 service. SecureShield monitors for cybersecurity intrusions in both Office 365 and on-premises data centers. Patriot’s cybersecurity team ensures rapid detection of attacks and fast, effective response to minimize impact and restore normal operations. It is designed to help clients who either lack dedicated cybersecurity professionals to monitor Office 365 for breaches or it can help augment existing cybersecurity teams.

Patriot’s CEO Joe Stocker explains. “We developed the idea of SecureShield after realizing that most clients who own Office 365 are exposed to threats because they may not realize the out-of-box Office 365 settings are not hardened by default. Our goal is to help clients harden and protect their Office 365 environment and then monitor it for signs of intrusion. For clients who still have on-premises data centers, we can monitor those as well.”

The Secure Shield service includes:

* Full coverage of Office 365 applications: From end-user applications like Microsoft Excel and Word to organization-wide applications like SharePoint and Exchange, our Office 365 covers all client internal systems and end-points. Patriot’s security services also cover the use of Active Directory for Office 365 and more, with extension possible to other cloud and virtualized environments.

* Detection of advanced attacks: Using our high-performance, proprietary AI technology, our security team accelerates identification and detection of advanced attacks. These include unknown, stealth and long dwell-time attacks. The platform helps pick out the telltale incidents, establishes links between seemingly isolated events and assists security teams in speedily uncovering and prioritizing attacks.

* Protection against morphing malware: To protect organizations of all sizes, our services also recognize malware whose code has been changed to avoid detection. Conventional security systems can only match according to pre-defined rules and signatures. However, our AI platform uses machine learning technology to spot new and unknown threats.

* Orchestrated threat response: Patriot provides all the Office 365 threat response that is required, including containment, mitigation and elimination guidance. Our team can assist with the response using efficient playbook solutions to define client activities and roles. Follow-up analysis and actions then limit or eliminate the risk of the threat recurring in the client’s organization.

* Comprehensive threat intelligence: We believe prevention is still better than cure. Our cybersecurity experts collect and analyze global Office 365 threat information to apply it to specific client installations, helping to anticipate and stop threats from starting. Protective actions are tailored to specific client environments, increasing their effectiveness and decreasing risk.

* Seamless security collaboration: We provide a complete Office 365 security solution to clients. We combine highly advanced security tools with a hi-touch approach to keep clients informed at every stage.

For more information, call our COO Robert Fegan at 844-560-4630 or email us at

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