Patriot Artist Scott LoBaido Raises Over $13k for NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club With His 'Red, White and Thin Blue Line' Art

Patriot artist Scott LoBaido created a work of art from a cease and desist letter he received from NYC DOT after painting a pro law enforcement "Thin Blue Line," on a median outside of the 122 Police Precinct in Staten Island. LoBaido sold the art to raise funds for a police boxing program after Mayor deBlasio defunded police.

Red, White and Thin Blue Line

Patriot Artist Scott LoBaido whose gear is now being sold at The Patriot Mall, raised more than $13 thousand dollars for the NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club. LoBaido raised the funds by creating a work of art from a cease and desist letter sent to him by New York City Department of Transportation after he painted a blue line on a street median outside the 122 Police Precinct in Staten Island. The letter stated that LoBaido painted the line without a permit and directed him to remove it or face consequences.

LoBaido maintains that he should be exempt from needing a permit since Mayor deBlasio did not apply for a permit when he painted numerous "Black Lives Matter" murals around New York City. LoBaido then turned the letter into a work of art which was auctioned off on his website, selling for $6,700. Chef's Choice, a local company, matched the price bringing the total raised to $13,400.00.

Said LoBaido, “The Thin Blue Line I painted on the median separates anarchy from civilization. That blue line memorializes the sacrifices made by our men and women in blue. I refuse to remove that blue line because it shows a demoralized police department that our community supports them. The letter that NYC DOT sent demanding that I remove the line or face penalties wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on so I created a painting and put it up for auction. That money is now going to the NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club. I hope it helps this wonderful organization.”

Said Pat Russo, Director of NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club, “Scott speaks for the silent majority of NYC residents who fully support and appreciate the NYPD. The NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club was established by police officers – it is operated by police officers – and it is funded by police officers. This donation recognizes the importance of bringing police together with young people from the inner city. Programs like ours are part of the solution and we thank Scott, from the bottom of our hearts, for recognizing the good work we do.”

Reproductions of LoBaido's patriotic artwork and patriotic gear including the "Red, White and Thin Blue Line" tee shirt is now available online at Original artwork is available at

Press Contact: Leticia Remauro | (718) 354-6032

Source: Scott LoBaido


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