Patio Pet Life Provides an All-Natural Potty Solution for Pets That Don't Have a Backyard

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Patio Pet Life delivers farm fresh pet grass right to their customer's door, providing a convenient alternative for pet owners with no lawn. 

Patio Pet Life, a family-run company out of Orange County, California, has developed a new alternative to those early morning and late night dog walks. The company’s all-natural solution provides real grass potty pads for dogs. They are perfect for homes that have no grass and are a great solution for puppy potty training. The company offers both small (2’x2’) and large (4’x2’) potty pads along with a tray for holding the real grass pads that make cleaning easier.

“As much as we all know exercising your pet is important, there are times early in the morning, late at night or when it's raining that most people would like to have a convenient alternative, so we developed all-natural potty pads,” says Devon Moore, founder and CEO of Patio Pet Life. “We are proud to announce we are now shipping nationwide, and offering two sizes to choose from making Patio Pet Life a natural potty solution.”

Grown locally in Southern California, the hydroponically grown pet grass is soilless and 50 percent lighter than traditional grass, making it lightweight with just as much absorption and odor control. The real grass potty pads are simple and easy to use too. They just roll out and are ready for use. When a customer wants to dispose of it or swap it out for another potty pad, they simply roll it back up and dispose of it. The company also includes a roll of disposal bags with each delivery for quick and easy clean up.

Patio Pet Life's subscription program has no contract and allows the customer the flexibility to adjust delivery frequency and place their deliveries on hold if they are out of town. For more information and order the real grass potty pads, visit

About Patio Pet Life

Patio Pet Life is a family-run business from Orange County, California providing all-natural real grass potty pads for dogs. The company ships nationwide. For more information, visit

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Give your pet an all natural potty option at home and enjoy your walks without obligation! Late at night, early in the morning or when it's raining, just open your backdoor. Farm fresh pet grass delivered to your door on the frequency of your choice.

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