Patients for Patient Safety US Marches for Enhanced Healthcare Accountability

Joining forces with like-minded organizations, PFPS US upholds World Patient Safety Day with a dedicated march in Washington, featuring symbolic flag planting for victims of unsafe healthcare.

In honor of World Patient Safety Day, Patients for Patient Safety US (PFPS US) will spearhead an impactful march in Washington, DC, on September 17. The event marks a significant stride towards improved healthcare practices and is dedicated to those who have tragically lost their lives or suffered disability due to healthcare inadequacies. The occasion is not solely commemorative but aimed at galvanizing progress towards safer healthcare for all.

The march will start from Freedom Plaza near the White House, proceed down Pennsylvania Avenue, and culminate in a flag-planting ceremony on the U.S. Capitol lawn. Each orange flag - symbolizing the World Health Organization's (WHO) global patient safety program - will be planted in memory of those harmed due to neglect in healthcare. For those unable to participate in person, arrangements have been made to commemorate lost loved ones by registering here:, providing the opportunity to have a flag planted on their behalf. 

PFPS US's observance of World Patient Safety Day will also kickstart a year of emphasis on Patient and Family Engagement as a driver of patient safety. This endeavor is anticipated to be enthusiastically echoed by the World Health Organization and allied countries globally. Meanwhile, in the U.S., significant strides have already been made. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra has launched a new National Action Alliance to Advance Patient Safety, while the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology has proposed significant recommendations to advance leadership accountability and patient and family engagement.

The march's highlights include the Federal Health sector's noteworthy advancements over the last year, such as the National Patient Safety Board Coalition proposing federal legislation to establish an independent agency dedicated to enhancing healthcare safety. Appreciable coordination growth between federal agencies to address the urgent problem of unsafe care and neglected or delayed diagnoses has also been recognized.

The event reaffirms PFPS US's commitment to implementing the WHO Global Patient Safety Action Plan in the USA, solidifying a safer tomorrow for all and bridging the health equity safety gap. Championing transparency, higher oversight and coordination of patient safety, PFPS US strives for a future where unsafe care is a foregone past.

Source: Patients for Patient safety US

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Patients for Patient Safety US (PFPS US) is a network of people and organizations aligned with the World Health Organization (WHO) and focused on making healthcare safe in the United States.

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