PathPartner Technology Showcases Stereo Correspondence Algorithm & Driver Drowsiness Detection Algorithm at Embedded Vision Summit, Santa Clara, May 2nd-4th, 2016

The key demonstrations at Embedded Vision Summit include Stereo correspondence algorithm on Nvidia's Jetson TK1 platform and Driver Drowsiness Detection algorithm on TI's TDA2x platform.

PathPartner Technology is a provider of embedded multimedia technology for Automotive, Camera and Surveillance industries, specializing in development and optimization of vision algorithms running in real time for ADAS and Industrial Vision with wide expertise in image processing domain. With this unique expertise, PathPartner developed a Stereo Correspondence algorithm which is claimed to derive visually better quality depth maps from Stereo images.

Ramkishor Korada, Co-founder and EVP Business Development and Sales at PathPartner, said “Our Stereo Correspondence Algorithm, is a modular algorithm that can be optimized to real time operation using GPU or DSP; potentially, it can be used in various markets like ADAS, Drones, industrial vision, Robotics etc. for autonomous navigation and collision avoidance requirements.”

The algorithm, optimized for NVidia’s Jetson TK1 utilizing GPU and ARM core, is packed with

  •     Generic camera calibration module which makes it easy to use any stereo cameras
  •     Ability to provide dense disparity maps in low to moderate textured regions
  •     Visually better disparity quality compared to OpenCV’s Block matching algorithm and comparable quality to Semi Global Block Matching algorithm with better compute performance
  •     Integration to 3D rendering software like Point Cloud Library for 3D reconstruction of the captured scene
  •     Portability on similar heterogeneous platforms as Jetson TK1

In addition, PathPartner’s showcase at Embedded Vision Summit includes their vision based and non-intrusive Driver Drowsiness Detection algorithm on TI’s TDA2x. Their ADAS offerings pave way for safer drive by providing necessary information to the driver to avoid or reduce chances of accidents. This Driver Drowsiness Detection algorithm has

  •     Multi-core processor design to exploit capabilities of EVE and DSP in TDA2x
  •     Achieved performance of 15 fps for QVGA resolution
  •     Observed accuracy of 90% without spectacles and 85% with spectacles

PathPartner will demonstrate these exciting Vision algorithms at the upcoming Embedded Vision Summit at Santa Clara, California, from May 2nd to 4th. They are present at Table#19 in Santa Clara Convention Center. You can arrange for a meeting at the event by dropping an email to sales(at)pathpartnertech(dot)com or sales.usa(at)pathpartnertech(dot)com

About PathPartner Technology: PathPartner Technology, based out of California, USA and Bangalore, India is a leading provider of products and services for multimedia centric devices. PathPartner has extensive experience in Technology, Engineering & Business practices focusing on audio & video codecs, video analytics & vision, imaging, multimedia middleware, OS porting, system integration, applications and hardware design. We offer system solutions and services for multimedia centric embedded devices.

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