Patented New Science/Technology Enhances Leaders' Ability to Manage Risk; Capitalize on High-Stakes Opportunities; Solve Problems in Complex Systems

Science-Informed Mental Modeling Technology Platform™ Allows Users to Understand and Address People's Judgment, Decision Making & Behavior

Decision Partners: Cognitive Science Systems LP (DP: CSS) today announced a new model for strategy, risk and communication leadership in business, civil society and government organizations internationally. The behavioral science-informed, software-supported Mental Modeling Technology Platform (MMT Platform) can now be integrated into any organization to model, understand and address stakeholder judgment, decision making and behavior. Leaders can now produce and manage strategies driven with insights using applied behavioral science, non-persuasive interventions and communications. By integrating the MMT Platform™, any organization can reduce risk and costs, transfer skills and knowledge and help leaders better address complicated problems and leverage opportunities in complex business, societal and governance environments.

The MMT Platform taps decades of behavioral science research and unique global application experience. It provides users a pipeline to the latest advances in behavioral science and the process, methods, tools and expertise required to leverage them. Further, it employs a proprietary modeling and analysis software toolset. The MMT Platform™ is tailored to user requirements; core elements include protocols for better collective understanding, complicated problems and high-value opportunities, modeling to better manage complexity, conducting mental models research and creating comprehensive intervention strategies and tactics.

Prominent organizations in virtually every economic sector have used prior versions of MMT™ successfully to address a wide variety of complicated challenges in complex systems and circumstances. Detailed in the book Mental Modeling Approach: Risk Management Application, past case studies include managing flood risk, reducing incidence of trace pharmaceuticals in the U.S. meat supply, and accomplishing adoption of leading practice and technology for improving occupational safety and health performance throughout mining in South Africa, among others.

Past users include the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the American Chemistry Society, Chamber of Mines of South Africa, Mining Association of Canada, Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Today components of MMT Platform™ figure prominently in FDA guidance for science-informed, evidence-based risk communication.

“Several decades worth of research and application experience demonstrate its wide applicability. Essentially, the MMT Platform™ can be brought to bear on any topic where a leader’s success turns on understanding in-depth and effectively addressing people’s judgment, behavior and decision making,” said Gordon Butte, Chief Technology Officer of DP: CSS, inventor of Mental Modeling Technology Platform™ and 30-year veteran of applied behavioral science internationally.

“The stakes for leaders’ success have never been higher. They are dealing with increasingly complicated, people-centric problems and opportunities…from bringing new products to new markets, disrupting current business models, curbing gun violence and better protecting employees in their work places, to helping with competitive advantage and improving change management through adoption of leading practice and technology,” Butte noted.

The MMT Platform™ will be distributed via a business system comprising licensees, users and research and application professionals who support MMT Platform™. Hub Leaders, who commercially distribute and support the product, serve as a nexus between DP:CSS, the sole source of MMT Platform™ and owner of the patent, and users for all purposes.

“I know firsthand that leaders are frustrated that their current solutions are too anecdotal and not based on evidence and behavioral science,” Butte said.

“In the next few weeks, Hub Leaders will visit with municipalities, nonprofits and businesses. Call it skillset transfer, capacity building and the like, hub-leader teams are ready to teach, train and integrate the Mental Modeling Technology Platform™ into any organization,” Butte concluded.

More About Mental Modeling Technology Platform

A core technique for MMT Platform™ is to model and analyze the human phenomenon of mental models and deploy advanced versions of a framework for developing behavioral interventions identified in the mid-1980s by decision science researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

MMT Platform™ has been in continuous development through application engineering in the field since 1990. A patent for Mental Models Method and System was awarded in 2016. Last year, proprietary CASS/KMS™ software was created to provide access to the large and rapidly expanding body of knowledge and intellectual property comprising the technology.

By consolidating multiple solutions from a variety of disciplines in behavioral science on to a platform, with the software required to work all solutions, a new model for strategy and communications for all types of organizations has been created where users can:

1) Systematically analyze problems in ways that reveal their complexity and present scenarios for addressing them;

2) Show and characterize in-depth key influences on people’s judgment, decision making and behavior;

3) Leverage behavioral insights to create and manage system-wide interventions.

Decision Partners: Cognitive Science Systems LP is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a technology company, it supports an expanding international community of users, including System Leaders and Hub Leaders for Mental Modeling Technology Platform™. 

For more information, visit the DP: CSS website or contact:

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Source: ​Decision Partners: Cognitive Science Systems LP