PASHpost Recognizes 50 Years of Competitive Hot Air Ballooning in Indianola, IA

Honoring visually spectacular American family event in the heart of the Midwest

National Balloon Classic Indianola, Iowa

In recognition of the National Balloon Classic’s annual hot air balloon competition in Indianola, Iowa, special interest Enthusiast network PASHpost is launching its Enthusiast Badge Program with a special Open Digital Badge issued specifically for Hot Air Ballooning Enthusiasts.  

Hot Air Ballooning originated in Paris in 1783, making its way to America in 1793 when Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard, the first pilot to cross the English Channel, piloted a hydrogen gas balloon 5,800 feet into the sky from a prison yard in Philadelphia. The National Balloon Museum in Indianola reports (soon-to-be first U.S. President) George Washington observed the flight, which came at a fee of approximately $5.00 per viewer, or $115.00 by today’s standards.

More than 100 hot air balloons will compete in the visually spectacular National Balloon Classic beginning Friday, July 26, running daily through Saturday, August 3. In honor of this great American family tradition hosted annually in the heart of the Midwest, PASHpost is issuing its first digital Open Badge for Hot Air Balloon Enthusiasts, who can share the badge across social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The city of Indianola is located 18 miles south of Des Moines, Iowa – just a train, plane or automobile away from wherever you are. To learn more, please visit:  National Balloon Classic and PASHpost’s 2018 coverage. Receive a Hot Air Ballooning Badge here.

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