PASHpost Enthusiast Network Announces Name Change to 'theTUNDRA'

Rebuilt Platform Adds Enthusiast Podcast Discovery & Features More Customization, Enthusiast & Experiential Content

​theTUNDRA, the digital media network for special interest Enthusiasts, today announced the formal transition of its platform from PASHpost to theTUNDRA, representing the brand’s complete product redevelopment in a magazine format, including the introduction of proprietary interest-specific Enthusiast podcast discovery features and video options.

“With theTUNDRA, we’re providing a multi-sensory experience with an unmatched variety of content about the areas of interest that appeal to our members most – from national parks, political memorabilia and agriculture to hot air ballooning, pen collecting and DIY,” said theTUNDRA’s founder and CEO Marion Riedle. “While data-driven insights certainly contribute to our product development decisions, as a company we have had the privilege of spending significant time with the special interest communities we serve to better understand their hierarchy of needs.”

“This new platform design was borne out of our commitment to serving Enthusiasts with all of the tools they desire, at no cost, to maximize their special interest experience in a digital environment. It is our core belief that our commercial viability will be derived from the inherent value of unifying, in a single network, the vast landscape of Enthusiast communities,” added Riedle.

The newly designed platform features a new digital magazine design format, nearly 400 podcasts segmented by interest and public Enthusiast profile pages, where registered members can feature their own posts, discussions, videos, marketplace and groups content in a centralized environment.

New features of theTUNDRA platform include:

Special Interest Podcast Aggregator – ​The platform now features curated podcasts tailored to each Enthusiast category. Enthusiast podcasts are hand-selected from thousands of podcasts in over 60 community-based categories, from broad special interests such as music and DIY to more niche hobbies such as scale model building and stamp collecting, allowing theTUNDRA users to discover podcasts that might otherwise get buried in a saturated and fragmented podcast market. For podcasters, theTUNDRA presents a new opportunity to be discovered by new audiences of fellow Enthusiasts.

Personalized News Feed Filtering – Enhanced customization of theTUNDRA homepage makes it easier for users to mix and match content types with interests in a single feed – think of it as mixing a special interest content cocktail.

Immersive Digital Magazine Design – Re-designed to resemble a print publication rather than a traditional digital experience.

YouTube Video Aggregator – Featuring curated YouTube videos feeds, categorized by interest.

Original Video Content – theTUNDRA is introducing four new video docuseries exploring varied experiences among special interest communities: Profiles, Origins, Makers and Sparks.

Member Public Profile Platforms – Members host their own public profile pages which act as mini-platforms within the network and include their own curated published content and reposts.

About theTUNDRA

theTUNDRA is an LA-based digital media special interest Enthusiast network connecting members with free, unlimited access to theTUNDRA’s tools, information and communities in a unified digital environment. Integrated features include personalized member dashboards, newsfeeds, marketplace, magazine and discussion features tailored to the member’s interests.

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About theTUNDRA, Inc.

theTUNDRA is the first full-service digital-media company serving enthusiast communities. theTUNDRA has built some of the most advanced online tools for enthusiasts, from curated Enthusiast News and Marketplace feeds to TUNDRA Groups.

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