Pascale Rowe Talks Business and Entrepreneurship Through Her Ms. Bling Brand

2020 has been full of uncertainty. Entire industries have been nearly wiped out while others have had to pivot to stay afloat. An easy task for major corporations, the same cannot be said for small business owners. With substantially less resources and cash flow, many have been forced to close their doors permanently. While the path forward for some small businesses may be murky, Pascale Rowe, owner of Ms. Bling, a Miami-based boutique, says hers is one business realizing positive returns with an A-list clientele, the consistent support of her followers and an attitude of gratitude.

After leaving corporate America behind in 2007, Pascale established Pascale's House of Bling designing custom jewelry that turned even the simplest pieces into eye-catching, wearable art. It wasn't long before her unique hand-set crystal designs caught the attention of stars such as Kim Kardashian-West, Lauren London, and Gabrielle Union. Over time, her designs could be found in magazines and on screen being worn by some of the cast members of "Dancing with the Stars."

As her clientele's needs expanded and her entrepreneurial nature took hold, Pascale transitioned her business from jewelry to apparel in 2012, renaming the brand Ms. Bling and offering looks in mesmerizing colors for any body type, budget and occasion. Like most businesses today, the Ms. Bling brand relies heavily on social media but, co-mingled with shots of her hottest looks, Pascale offers a look into her life as a mother, a black woman and a human being. Her video views are well into the hundreds of thousands, offering a transparent view of the joys and struggles of wearing so many hats. Her followers comment on how her testimony encourages them or moves them to action in their own lives.

Pascale's creativity knows no limitation - it even appears in her philanthropy. While most in her position may prefer to give money to good causes, Pascale prefers a more personal touch. Most recently, she gifted a single mother in need with a car. Most notably, in 2019, she chartered two private jets to fly necessary provisions to the Bahamas for those displaced by Hurricane Dorian which devastated the island nation. On a smaller scale, she can be found on an almost weekly basis gifting her followers with items from her line.

Pascale Rowe and her Ms. Bling brand continue to offer fashion for customers and favor for those in need. With a grateful heart and a giving hand, it's easy to see why she has thrived through this storm and it's certain there is much more success awaiting Ms. Bling when it clears. For media inquiries, please contact

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