Party Brands Introduces Party Bars, the World's First Party Enhancement Disposable

Powered by Kanna (sceletium tortuosum), the new active ingredient

Party Bars Kanna Powered Disposables

Party lifestyle brand, Party Brands, announced the launch of Party Bars®, the world's first Party Enhancement Disposable, powered by Kannawhich the brand is calling "the new active ingredient."

Party Bars are available in two signature flavors - Natural and Mint - and feature a pre-heat button, rechargeable battery, and 150-puff count.

The primary active ingredient in Party Bars is Kanna, or sceletium tortuosum - a psychoactive botanical extract native to South Africa that has been traditionally used by local inhabitants for centuries to help boost mood, ease anxiety and stress, improve cognition and manage appetite. Mesembrine is the primary alkaloid found present in Kanna, which has been shown to act as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, although more research is needed to fully understand how the alkaloid works with the body.

When inhaled, Kanna is able to impact the body much more quickly and has been shown to induce an almost euphoric state in which users report feeling more social, more relaxed, and experiencing increased sensory perception and increased stimulation. Users may not immediately notice effects on first serving as Kanna may require a priming period of 3-4 separate servings. Results may vary for each individual based on a variety of factors.

With the growing demand for effective active ingredients products and the amazing response from early product testers, Party Bars are positioned to revolutionize the market and become a game-changing product amongst consumers and retailers alike.

"As a long-time user of Kanna and other botanicals, the recent advancements in science to isolate a particular set of alkaloids has been a game-changer for this powerful succulent. Whether I'm just looking to enhance my mood with some music in my ears on my nightly skate with my dog, or cruise down the coast with the windows down, Kanna has the ability to enhance any experience ten-fold. We are excited to introduce this stimulating and mood-enhancing product to the U.S. market, and it is my expectation that your experience is as good as ours." - Scott Worthington, Co-Founder of Party Brands

Party Bars are manufactured and distributed by Streamline Group, an innovative, industry-leading active ingredients company known for popular brands including Juice Head, Bam's Cannoli, NIIN Pouches, Hello Kanna, TIMBR Organics, Galaxy Treats, and more.

Party Bars are supported by an extensive national sales program, strong social media and marketing presence, and extensive point-of-sales support materials and are currently available for the company's wholesale and retail partners to pre-order now. Direct online consumer purchasing via the brand's online store,, is expected to become available by early February 2022.

To learn more about Party Bars and the other Party Brand products, visit

For sales and wholesale inquiries, contact Party Brands via email at or telephone at (714) 823-3750.

Source: Party Brands

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