Partnership to Link Training and Resources for Housing and Financial Counselors

The Counselor's Corner and LifeWise Strategies launch a new collaborative to increase access to credit training and identify emotional money triggers.

The Counselor's Corner and LifeWise Strategies announce a partnership to leverage the two organizations' training platforms and tools for financial educators and counselors. The partnership will create webinars and place-based training for housing counselors.

The Counselor's Corner (TCC) is the one-stop resource center for housing counseling professionals. TCC provides education and information to enhance housing counselors' knowledge of industry changes and regulatory updates. TCC's online Learning Center aids housing counselors by addressing the continued education unit requirements of the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling. TCC's online training curriculum is designed to provide high quality professional training and access to cutting edge resources, all in one location.

LifeWise Strategies produces fun, engaging and effective financial education tools to promote financial capability. The award-winning Money Habitudes cards and new online version introduce clients to the emotional triggers that influence their financial behavior. The Good Credit Game provides hands-on activities to provide a dynamic learning environment to teach clients about the myths and realities of credit reports, scores and cards. The financial education tools are used by non-profits, universities and the military.

"As someone who's been involved in this work for decades, I know that Money Habitudes and The Good Credit Game are great financial educational tools for housing counselors. They can jumpstart a financial management program! We know that LifeWise shares our goal of helping housing counselors be as prepared and confident as possible," says Cora Fulmore, founder of The Counselor's Corner.

The two organizations will launch the joint educational program later in 2015. The educational series will provide credit education and counseling techniques utilizing The Good Credit Game and a financial habits offering using Money Habitudes.

"It's an honor to work with such a respected organization as The Counselor's Corner. Our new joint programs will be building on their terrific selection of training and development offerings. Their great information and training will be a great resource for any financial educator," says Syble Solomon, president of LifeWise Strategies.