Partnership Between Good2Go Insurance, Inc. and Claimatic Modernizes and Expedites Claim Triage

Growing auto insurance company's processes are made even more efficient and cost-effective through implementation of Claimatic's patented software solution.

Good2Go Insurance, Inc.'s tech-forward auto insurance model boasts fast, easy, and cheap coverage. They are dedicated to helping customers get the insurance coverage they need as well as helping them stay safe on the road.

Their technology offers customers multiple ways to not only keep themselves safe but also save money.

Good2Go Insurance Inc. strives to use their technology in the most efficient way possible. Through their partnership with Claimatic and implementation of Claimatic's unique claims management software, they now provide even faster, more efficient claims processing to their customers.

Claimatic is a patented solution for accurate, fast claims triage and assignment that improves outcomes for both carriers and insureds. It integrates with any claims management system and is built to service all lines of business. Claimatic services customers ranging from the top five U.S. carriers to boutique insurers.

Kim Blankenship, VP of Operations at Good2Go Insurance Inc., states that, "Within one week, we were able to complete training and go live in six days. In the first three weeks, Claimatic shaved about two minutes from our call handling time and eliminated several manual steps in the process. We even revised our training document because, with Claimatic in place, we were able to remove five pages of instruction."

Good2Go's tech-forward claims processes have been made even more effective and efficient with the implementation of Claimatic, allowing them to provide their customer base with the best service possible.

About Good2Go Insurance, Inc.

Good2Go Auto Insurance specializes in offering minimum-limits car insurance, while also offering collision and comprehensive coverage, to drivers in the NJ, PA, IN and SC markets. 

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About Claimatic

Built for the needs of the insurance industry, Claimatic enhances the way insurers do business. Their software boasts simple setup and robust APIs to operationalize FNOL data. 

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About Claimatic

Claimatic is a patented solution for accurate, fast claims triage and assignment that improves outcomes for both insurers and customers.

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